Student Convicted of Thoughtcrime for Opinion on Campus Life
Last Wednesday, senior journalism major Winston Smith was convicted for his Thoughtcrime. Smith was reported to the Ministry of Tradition after his roommate overheard him agreeing with his father—a former student—and his thoughts on a current issue on campus. The opinion that Smith shared with his father was not... Read more
Upperclassmen Upset The Commons Actually Livable
When The Commons began its two-year renovation, it sent shockwaves through the on-campus culture, forcing South Side students to walk all the way to the MSC or, worse, Sbisa, for food and entertainment. The reopening of the Commons is a monumental shift in the pace of on-campus life. However,... Read more
Sul Ross Statue Now Accepting Venmo
In the most recent attempt to keep up with New Army, Texas A&M University has partnered with Venmo, the popular digital wallet app, to allow students to “put a penny on Sully” from anywhere in the world. Using the username @SulRossCashOutKing12, university officials hope this endeavor will increase popularity... Read more
December Graduate Already Complaining About New Army
December Graduate Already Complaining About New Army The Mugdown sat down with recent graduate Chip “Bucky” Reynolds for a Q&A session to discuss the changing culture at Texas A&M.   Mugdown: So, how have things changed at A&M since you graduated a few weeks ago? Reynolds: Everything’s different. These... Read more
Student Asked to Remove Thinking Cap in MSC
The Flag Room in the MSC lost its studying allure after several students were asked to leave for disrespecting tradition. Last night, junior Griffin Bronson donned his invisible thinking cap to study for his PHYS 218 midterm but was promptly accosted by the self-proclaimed tradition guard, Andrew Portsmith. The... Read more