Students Upset University Working Second Job at Hotel to Provide for Them
One topic has completely dominated the discourse of the student body this semester. Texas A&M, a hardworking university, decided to get a second job to provide for its students. Students have become irate at their university’s decision even though the school is just trying to help provide for their... Read more
Student Convicted of Thoughtcrime for Opinion on Campus Life
Last Wednesday, senior journalism major Winston Smith was convicted for his Thoughtcrime. Smith was reported to the Ministry of Tradition after his roommate overheard him agreeing with his father—a former student—and his thoughts on a current issue on campus. The opinion that Smith shared with his father was not... Read more
Duncan Food Considered Self-Hazing
With a new year, Duncan Dining Hall has been reopened with the promise to better serve cadets. The first few weeks of school were uneventful, until the definition of hazing was read to freshmen cadets during their first discipline brief. Since then, reports of self-hazing have seen a massive... Read more
Missing Student Finally Found After 72 Hours in West Campus Garage
Earlier this morning, after being reported missing for three days, Texas A&M student Riley Nelson was found by university police. Nelson, a freshman English major, went missing earlier this week while trying to find her car parked on the fourth floor of West Campus Garage. Nelson survived by using... Read more
Bobby Ramirez Marches on Student Senate, Civil War Imminent
The conflict between Co-consuls Bobby Brooks and Bobby Ramirez has erupted into near–civil war between Aggieland’s two leading citizens. Consul Brooks’ election to consulship was met with accusations of illegitimacy, creating tensions with the cadet legionaries who hold dear the values of their Republic. The recent policy decisions crafted... Read more
Texas A&M to Install Campus Virtue Signal
Following a move by the Office of the Commandant at Saturday’s game, Texas A&M University felt called to renew their campaign against intolerance. The ability for the Corps of Cadets to demonstrate their stand against bigotry by a small gesture at march-in has revolutionized campus policy. Starting on Friday,... Read more
Aggie Football Prepares for Showdown With A&M Consolidated High School
Since last season, the Aggies have been working on new traditions that would invigorate the student and alumni sections. With this year’s tough schedule of Nicholls State, UL Lafayette, and A&M Consolidated early in the season, football games were in dire need of even more traditions. On Saturday night,... Read more
TAMU Self-Driving Car Runs Red Light
Texas A&M University made national headlines over the summer when it announced that self-driving cars will be made a part of life in College Station. The project has since expanded, with cars beginning to drive around Bryan–College Station roads. However, an unintended side effect of this development can be... Read more
Students Spread Awareness About TAMU Alternative Exercise
The Student Recreation Center’s expansion failed to deal with an issue that plagues many of the gym’s regular attendees: seasonal overcrowding. Yet, regular Rec patrons have begun to notice no decrease in gym attendees who have, in the past, typically stopped showing up after the first round of exams.... Read more
Texas A&M Defeats Most Pressing Controversy
Every few weeks in the news cycle, a sensitive, difficult topic arises about Texas A&M University. Due to this topic’s nature, many students shy away from discussing it, creating a taboo around the subject and avoiding it in conversation. This hard-hitting issue lies under the surface, but dominates social... Read more