New Howdy Online to Incorporate Dating Feature
Aggies will soon have a new way to meet. In January, Texas A&M Information Technology announced the development of an updated version of “Howdy,” Texas A&M’s official online portal used for accessing grades, eCampus, transcripts, and more.  Texas A&M IT is offering students an opportunity to test out the... Read more
Revolving Door

Revolving Door

Sunday Comics December 14, 2015 0

BREAKING: Texas A&M Won’t Accept Student Refugees
COLLEGE STATION, TX– President Michael Young sent the following letter to Governor Greg Abbott Monday to inform him that Texas A&M will no longer be accepting refugee transfer students for fear that we cannot fully vet them. The letter, leaked by an informant in the president’s office, indicates that... Read more
Letter to the Editor: Where are the Gay People At?
Dear Editor, Hey, Mugdown. I was just wondering… where are all the gay people at? I mean, not that I’m gay or anything. I’m not interested in guys or anything, but I would like to know how to connect with one. I keep going to Halo, but I can’t... Read more
MRS Grad Struggles to Find Work
With December graduation fast approaching, the class of 2015 waits with bated breath to make their way out into the real world. Some will be graduating with jobs, and two sets of rings. Others, however, are not so lucky. Indeed, times are certainly tough for the MRS major. Unemployment... Read more
A&M to Change Official Greeting From “Howdy” to Awkward Stare and Wave Combo
To properly reflect the changing times and student body here at Texas A&M, first-year President Michael Young has boldly decided to change the official greeting. Once an integral part of this institution, “Howdy” will now reflect something a little more subtle and current – the all too familiar awkward... Read more
Campus Baffled at Student’s Ability to Ride Bike without Using Handlebars
Here at Texas A&M, students, staff and faculty are guided by a set of university core values, the first of which is excellence. Many Aggies demonstrate excellence through their academics, campus and community involvement, and workplace. Recently, however, one student has taken A&M’s call to excellence above and beyond... Read more
Students Fear Test Imminent when Class-Dodging Senior Spotted
Throughout history, civilizations have been brought to their knees at the hands of sickness and plague in both times of war and times of peace. This week, Texas A&M was brought low by one of the most dangerous illnesses of all: senioritis. Senior poultry science major, Eric Wolf, has... Read more
Dating Couple Basically Engaged by Hours
Local couple Sarah Addison and Connor Bristow drew attention from young couples everywhere when they announced a major relationship milestone in a Facebook post Sunday evening. Despite dating for only eight months and four days, the couple believes that they might as well just consider themselves engaged. Some students... Read more