Students in Long Term Relationships Defer Commitment Issues to Senior Year
Junior finance major Braxton Bolton and junior petroleum engineering major Rachel Descartes have been dating since freshman year. They met at a party between their two FLOs and ended up dating soon after. Both are well liked, athletic, and high achieving, and most people think the relationship is destined... Read more
Freshmen Heartbroken when First College Crush Isn’t Future Spouse
Every fall, many newly-single freshmen enter Texas A&M declaring their independence and commitment to remaining single for the foreseeable future. After some time of friend making and FLO mingling, freshmen inevitably pair off in precisely the manner they swore against. In a matter of weeks, these pseudo-couples go from... Read more
Mugdown Lowdown: What is Love?
Mugdown Lowdown: What is Love?  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to help uncover the real meaning of love. Based on your actual verbatim search results over the last two years, this is the best we can come up with: sexy aggies sexy nurse smoking cigarettes sexy... Read more
Hot Beefcake Loses His Mojo
With another year comes another chance at love; another opportunity to put your pull game to the test. For a certain Brandon Huff, however, lady luck has taken a sudden turn for the worse. “Yeah, I don’t know what it is….back in H-town I had mad game. I was... Read more