Riots Over Unassigned Assigned Seat Sparks Revolution
Across campus, students have reached the point where they have settled into their unassigned assigned seats for the semester. These students who take comfort in the familiarity of their routine seats have come under attack by nomadic students who only come to class on test day and by professors... Read more
Students Protest Valentine’s Privilege
TRIGGER WARNING: Valentine’s Privilege is discussed below. A new wave of progressivism has swept across campus as students are beginning to check one another’s privilege in regards to Valentine’s Day. This movement seeks to change the societal criterion that Valentine’s Day can only be celebrated by people in relationships.... Read more
Cadets Ask for Safe Space to be Protected
The Starbucks on the Quad, often called “Quadbucks” by the students who frequently study there, was constructed as a way for non-regs and cadets to come together in a friendly environment. The large facility was supposed to improve relationships between the Corps of Cadets and the student body at... Read more
Reveille Fights Societal Pressure to Settle Down
Though only in her second year as the official mascot of Texas A&M,  Reveille IX has already started making plans for after college. While many former Reveilles have gone on to live in quiet retirement, this year’s Rev is looking at opportunities to do something different. “I’ve learned so... Read more
The Mugdown’s Guide for Success During Sorority Recruitment
With Greek Life being the most important tradition at A&M, formal sorority recruitment can cause many Potential New Members to panic. Luckily, The Mugdown is here to provide tips so that you may end up with the sorority you want. After spending hours analyzing recruitment videos we have created... Read more
Maroonifest Destiny: Liberal Arts Students Move Westward for Better Prospects
After watching the seniors of their college struggle to find a job, the underclassmen of the Liberal Arts Department are feeling the onset of panic. Sensing the need to change majors while their degree plans will still let them, a migration westward has begun. Due to the overcrowding of... Read more