Report: Construction Science Students Exploited for Free On-Campus Labor
It was recently uncovered that Texas A&M officials and professors have been using construction science students for free labor. With high construction costs a concern for this perpetually growing campus, staff of the university attempted to decrease costs by exploiting students. Many of the students did not realize that... Read more
Student Entrepreneurs Get Creative
Between class, studying, and extracurricular involvement, the majority of students at A&M don’t have the stamina to take on anything else. However, there are the bold few that try their hand at starting an entrepreneurial venture. We decided to delve into the entrepreneurial community at Texas A&M in order... Read more
The Mid-Fish Crisis: Freshmen Suffer Across Campus
Following a semester of skipped classes, Chick-fil-A, rogue FLO all-nighters, and too much damn Fuego, every freshman must face the harsh reality of their second semester. After three and a half months of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed oblivion, many returning freshmen spiral into what is notoriously known as the Mid-Fish... Read more
Freshmen Heartbroken when First College Crush Isn’t Future Spouse
Every fall, many newly-single freshmen enter Texas A&M declaring their independence and commitment to remaining single for the foreseeable future. After some time of friend making and FLO mingling, freshmen inevitably pair off in precisely the manner they swore against. In a matter of weeks, these pseudo-couples go from... Read more
Students Find God Only to Lose Him Again
Thousands of students are not the only force that storms through College Station every fall. Along with the longest grocery lines since Y2K, fall unfailingly brings a religious resurgence across the entire community. Preceding countless summer nights on Sixth Street and in Uptown Dallas, many students leave their spirituality... Read more