Big Event Forms Singles Group for Uninvolved Students
It is time to sign up for The Big Event, and many students are finding themselves in a stressful situation. While those who are heavily involved have abundant choices of groups to sign up with, other Aggies struggle. The Big Event allows for students to do community service alongside... Read more
Student Grabs Flyer While At MSC, Actually Attends Informational
Every week at Texas A&M’s Memorial Student Center, thousands of flyers are pushed into the faces of unconcerned students.  Whether advertising A&M’s newest Women’s Organization, or eating at Panda Express as part of a profit share, most of these flyers go ignored.   Despite the universal acceptance of the... Read more
Texas A&M Secret Society Application

Secret societies have controlled Texas A&M from behind the scenes for over a century. You’ve always wondered what it would be like…

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A&M to Add Seventh Core Value: Involvement
Texas A&M prides itself on students exemplifying the University’s traditional six core values — Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service. Wednesday morning, the Board of Regents made an important addition to this list— Involvement. “Many of our students give top priority to participation in some of our... Read more