Students Dunk Rings in Massive Piles of Cocaine
For decades, students at Texas A&M have been participating in ring dunks. The way a ring dunk looks has evolved over the years, but the spirit behind the tradition has remained the same. These days, most students opt to dunk their ring from the bottom of a giant pile... Read more
Man Whose House Is Cleanest It’s Ever Been Assures Guests That It’s Usually Cleaner
Robert Browning, who only minutes ago had been aggressively scrubbing at a stain in the carpet, apologized to his friends for his train wreck of a living room. As he welcomed his guests into his home, he stood with his hands on his hips and shook his head in... Read more
Freshman Eagerly Awaits Announcement of Massive Curve on Final Grade
While many students recently made the difficult decision to Q-drop their classes due to poor test performances, lack of attendance, and other general failures as college students, one Aggie has confidently remained enrolled in spite of dire circumstances. Dennis Parker, freshman engineering major, is eagerly awaiting a massive curve... Read more
Stop Asking Me to Make Your Shitty Relationships Last 100 Years

Howdy there! This is your favorite local tree speaking and we need to talk.

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Campus Voices: A&M Best in State for Women in STEM
According to data compiled by, women make up 18.70% of STEM majors at Texas A&M. This puts the Aggies in 12th place nationally, and first in Texas for colleges in which the most women earn degrees in science, technology, engineering and math. Here’s what Aggies around campus had... Read more
Apparent Slacker with Perfect GPA Pisses Off Classmates
Aggie business student Bryan Cooper admitted to The Mugdown on Monday that he has been concealing his work ethic from friends for years, perpetuating the idea that he does not work for his perfect GPA. Cooper, who has gone to great lengths to keep the hours he spends studying... Read more
How to Reduce Overcrowding
The Mugdown Solves Overcrowding Texas A&M University currently has over 59,000 students enrolled at its College Station campus, a number which will continue to grow with each coming year. Many students and faculty have voiced concerns over the amount of people on campus each day, suggesting that the crowded... Read more