Student Entrepreneurs Get Creative
Between class, studying, and extracurricular involvement, the majority of students at A&M don’t have the stamina to take on anything else. However, there are the bold few that try their hand at starting an entrepreneurial venture. We decided to delve into the entrepreneurial community at Texas A&M in order... Read more
MSC to Enact New “No Signal” Policy to Increase Human Interaction
A recent email from President Young has announced the launch of a new policy at Texas A&M designed to encourage student unity. The latest policy is a response to the push to have the Memorial Student Center be a dead spot for cellular service in hopes to increase human... Read more
Kai’s Doughnut Co. to Offer New “Pre-Filtered” Option
Kai’s Doughnut Co. recently announced that they are now offering a special assortment of donuts that come “pre-filtered.” Using a unique blend of icing and toppings, these donuts appear to have already been photo-edited to perfection. Some of the new donut options include: Amaro – For those who are... Read more