Graduating Senior Finally Grows Up
Swiftly coming to terms with the reality of his future in corporate America, senior business management major and active member of a men’s social organization Jordan Michaels realized how absolutely awful all of this is now. “I remember my first ever Unicorn Cum shot like it was yesterday,” Michaels... Read more
A&M Student Comes out as Having Openly Gay Roommate
Things were going well at dinner with his parents for junior political science major Ralph Gutierrez on Sunday until he let a nugget of personal information slip: one of his roommates this year is openly gay. His parents didn’t sleep that evening, the owner of the Days Inn on... Read more
New Website Lets Organizations Scan Apps for up to 99% Similarity
With student population on the rise, demand for better application screening processes among organizations on campus is at an all-time high. To meet this need, iParadigms LLC, the company behind plagiarism-prevention service announced Thursday the release of, a software-as-a-service based on similar proprietary technology. The service will... Read more
The 2017 “Muggies”
Welcome to The Muggies presented by The Mugdown Writers Guild. This is the first awards article meant to honor our best pieces of the year. After taking a look at everything The Mugdown has published in 2017, our writers voted on which pieces they liked best across a variety... Read more
The True Cost of Songfest: A Mugdown Investigation
The Mugdown sends a journalist headfirst into the world of Chi Omega’s Songfest, Texas A&M’s largest philanthropy event, only to discover a system built almost entirely on social obligation. To read this story, click here. Read more
Report: No One Wants to Go to Your Thing
Saying he likely will not show up, junior political science major Mark Shelly told reporters Friday he does not want to go to your thing. This announcement followed a long series of social media notifications, text message conversations, and polite reminders in casual conversation. The news of Shelly’s disinterest... Read more
Opinion: When is Student Senate Going to Condemn Nicholas Cage’s Character in National Treasure?
The Texas A&M Student Senate has been torn by partisanship in the past. Much like the actual federal government, legislators tend to disagree with each other, creating a more perfect union through a diversity of opinion. Yet, in its most recent legislative session, the organization has begun to actually... Read more
God’s Traffic Jam This Tuesday at 9PM
Breakaway Ministries announced today that its weekly traffic jam will be returning to West Campus this Tuesday night. Many participants in Breakaway cite this traffic as essential to their spiritual development. “Sure, I could worship Jesus on my own, but nothing beats learning to intentionally guard my heart during... Read more