Comfort Color Graduation Caps and Gowns Now Available
Students spend a significant part of their time in college figuring out who they are and what makes them unique. For a majority of Aggies, being unique means wearing Comfort Colors. From Gig ‘Em Howdy Week to Ring Day, Comfort Colors t-shirts have always been there to swaddle Aggies in... Read more
Kyle Field Graduation Sends Message to Engineers: “Lower Expectations”
The ever-growing College of Engineering has announced that it would be hosting the 2017 commencement ceremony in Kyle Field.  Reactions to the news have been mixed: while some students were excited to turn their tassels inside the Home of the 12th Man, others recognized that the venue was outdoors,... Read more
Senior Deliberately Walks on Seal To Prevent Impending Doom
On Wednesday, February 15th, senior anthropology major Justin Creed decided to take a bold stand regarding his future. Creed purposefully strutted across the seal in Koldus with all the zeal of a tourist group around prime traffic time. He then took the display of brazen disregard for his graduation... Read more
Construction Scheduled for Completion After Your Graduation
Construction sites are a fixture of many college campuses, with surprise detours and blocked off sidewalks a common hindrance for students.  The completion date for most on-campus construction projects at A&M are usually TBA, but in an almost unheard of special occasion, this Mugdown reporter has finally learned exactly... Read more
Super Senior Assisted Living Opening on West Campus
Student Counseling Services recently announced plans for an on-campus assisted living center for super seniors. Maggie Gartner, Executive Director of Student Counseling Services, has said that they hope to reach out to this particular group of students who have apparently completely lost their grip on reality. “We find so... Read more
Graduating Seniors Face Quarter Life Crises
Graduation is looming, and those preparing their caps and gowns are realizing how rapidly their college career is coming to a close. Some students are thrilled to be leaving, others are feeling a deep sense of nostalgia. But still others are in a confusing mixture of both feelings. “I... Read more