A&M Ranked No. 4 in Happiest Place to get the Flu
Texas A&M’s Division of Marketing and Communication has long had a favorite pastime of searching for obscure, meaningless rankings to post on social media. The department salivates whenever a naïve freshman retweets their post with a comment such as “So blessed to attend this wonderful university!” Recently, A&M was... Read more
Despite Recent Basketball ‘Noise,’ A&M Still an Equestrian School
Following Saturday night’s victory against the University of Kentucky, many students have taken to Twitter and Snapchat to celebrate that Texas A&M is now a “basketball school” despite the long history and success surrounding the university’s equestrian program. Athletic Director Scott Woodward insists that, although men’s hoops is currently... Read more
Rosenthal Meat Center to Begin Selling Manure-scented Candles to Students on West Campus
The Rosenthal Meat Center is located in the heart of west campus, providing animal science majors a place to learn about meat processing and apply those skills in the form of an on-site meat market. Known for its wide variety of steaks, sausages, and jerky, the retail store will... Read more
Tutoring Service to Offer $1 Wells, $2 Domestics Before Finals Week
4.0 and Go’s Northgate location will be offering specials this week to prepare for upcoming final examinations. While group tutoring rates will stay at $8+ per hour, the tutoring service will be serving Northgate-esque beverages at a discounted price. Founded in 1994, 4.0 and Go has long been located... Read more
B/CS Residents Demand Second Big Event to Clean Up Gameday Mess
Last Thursday, College Station resident Dorothy Madders spoke at the College Station City Council Meeting demanding a Second Big Event for the fall semester. Despite The Big Event being a Texas A&M University committee, many locals have complained that students partying during Aggie gameday weekends has resulted in lots... Read more
4.0 Student Claims Test Was ‘Impossible,’ Makes 98
Bethany Salinsky, a sophomore political science major, completed her first ECON 203 exam on Thursday, October 12th. Unlike most students in the class, Salinsky spent two full weeks preparing for the exam, making routine visits to the quiet section of Evans Library. With a 4.0 GPR, the last call... Read more
Baylor Senior Notices Aggie Friend Also Received ‘Class Ring’
Chad Bucko, a senior philosophy major at Baylor University, visited home over the past weekend. Like the football team, Bucko decided not to make the trip out to Kansas State. Bucko made plans to meet with his high school friend, Texas A&M senior finance major Phil Gutry, back at... Read more