Absolutely Outrageous Group of Friends Go to Whataburger Late at Night
Flying in the face of social convention, a group of absolutely outrageous friends drove to Whataburger at 2:11 a.m. early Friday morning. The five daredevils boldly pushed aside their normal eating habits to “make memories with their besties” on a trip that members of the group described as “totally... Read more
The Mid-Fish Crisis: Freshmen Suffer Across Campus
Following a semester of skipped classes, Chick-fil-A, rogue FLO all-nighters, and too much damn Fuego, every freshman must face the harsh reality of their second semester. After three and a half months of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed oblivion, many returning freshmen spiral into what is notoriously known as the Mid-Fish... Read more
Freshmen Heartbroken when First College Crush Isn’t Future Spouse
Every fall, many newly-single freshmen enter Texas A&M declaring their independence and commitment to remaining single for the foreseeable future. After some time of friend making and FLO mingling, freshmen inevitably pair off in precisely the manner they swore against. In a matter of weeks, these pseudo-couples go from... Read more
Know the Signs: Freshman Disillusionment Syndrome
What is Freshman Disillusionment Syndrome (FDS)? Freshman Disillusionment Syndrome is a contagious disease prevalent in college freshmen that causes a rapid onset of disappointment. Many incoming freshmen believe that anything is possible after encountering unlimited ice cream in Sbisa and teachers who do not make them raise their hand... Read more
Aggie Traditions Explained by Freshman, Senior
When freshman are asked why they attended Texas A&M, the easy answer that nearly every single one will tell you is “the traditions!” Now that the class of 2016 is about to walk across the stage and join the legions of former students, let’s see just how their passion... Read more
Student Senate Targets FLO
Texas A&M University and the student body have faced many problems and controversies in the last year, from on-campus concealed carry to recent acts of racism, and many are wondering what can be done. Student Senate has been hard at work coming up with the solution that will hopefully... Read more
F.B.I. Hunts Wehner Cartels
The efforts of the local government, the Business Student Council, have been unable to curb the organized cartels monopolizing the trade of test answers within Mays Business School.  The council has outsourced the responsibility to the Freshman Business Initiative, or F.B.I., for their expertise in apprehending those who have... Read more
Freshman Angered by Lack of Wildcatting in Math Class
As one of the many freshmen indoctrinated at Fish Camp, Agricultural Leadership major, Andrew Saenz, came to Texas A&M University with an unmatched enthusiasm for school traditions. Saenz, a first generation Aggie and self-proclaimed redass, recently had to face the difficult reality of underwhelming student spirit in his Math... Read more
Freshman, Counselor Eager to Stop Hearing from Each Other
Over a month after the last Fish Camp session returned from Lakeview, counselors and freshmen are all wondering when they can finally go their separate ways. Megan Fischer, a freshman Finance major, is just hoping that her counselors will let her do college on her own. “My ‘parents‘ kept... Read more
Mugdown’s Declassified School Survival Guide
-Mugdown Staff Read more