Report: No One Wants to Go to Your Thing
Saying he likely will not show up, junior political science major Mark Shelly told reporters Friday he does not want to go to your thing. This announcement followed a long series of social media notifications, text message conversations, and polite reminders in casual conversation. The news of Shelly’s disinterest... Read more
Girl Marks Herself “Safe” After Fraternity Party
This past week, many have fallen victim to a torrent of fraternity parties throughout the Bryan/College Station area. Women participating in the events without the excuse of sorority recruitment have faced some of the most extreme, devastating, and deafening frat parties in almost nine years. Mallory Halep, sophomore communications... Read more
The Bachelor Spinoff Comes to Texas A&M

Each spring, students at Texas A&M have the opportunity to experience a week long competition similar to the hit show, The Bachelor. Called Paddy Murphy, the spinoff pits sororities against one another for a chance at love and good publicity.

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$ongFe$t: Dance for a Dollah
This weekend, many parents, students, and sorority girls who do not want to get fined, will take their seats in Rudder Auditorium to cheer on their loved ones as they participate in this year’s installment of Dance for Money, Chi Omega’s most popular philanthropy event. The event itself —... Read more
Student Starts Fraternity Run On Monarchy. Declares Himself “King of the Frat”
So long as there is a head, a student organization is free to structure itself however it sees fit. Few realize just how much freedom Texas A&M’s Department of Student Activities actually allows, better than his grace, Jeffrey of the House Bartison, King of the Pledges and the Frat... Read more