Student Senate Targets FLO
Texas A&M University and the student body have faced many problems and controversies in the last year, from on-campus concealed carry to recent acts of racism, and many are wondering what can be done. Student Senate has been hard at work coming up with the solution that will hopefully... Read more
A&M to Add Seventh Core Value: Involvement
Texas A&M prides itself on students exemplifying the University’s traditional six core values — Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service. Wednesday morning, the Board of Regents made an important addition to this list— Involvement. “Many of our students give top priority to participation in some of our... Read more
Forget the banners. Forget the informationals. Forget the endless tank-top wearing sophomores asking if you are Class of 2019 or not. The FLO Chart is here. Backed by years of research and data gathered from all corners of campus, the FLO Chart is proven to ease the worries of... Read more