Tutoring Service to Offer $1 Wells, $2 Domestics Before Finals Week
4.0 and Go’s Northgate location will be offering specials this week to prepare for upcoming final examinations. While group tutoring rates will stay at $8+ per hour, the tutoring service will be serving Northgate-esque beverages at a discounted price. Founded in 1994, 4.0 and Go has long been located... Read more
Most Miserable College Student Quarantined in Annex Study Room
Yesterday evening, during a routine drill of One-Upping Your Friends With Your Own Problems, two students got more than they were bargaining for. At 7:00 pm, Jason Dominguez and Sandra Baldwin met with junior BIMS major Alison Chen in the Annex to prepare for an upcoming biochemistry final. Dominguez... Read more
eCampus Grades 50% off for Cyber Monday
It is no secret that college students love a good deal, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the reigning kings when it comes to frugal shopping. From clothes to pizza rolls, a good bargain goes a long way, and this year, Texas A&M is joining in on the... Read more
QUIZ: Find Your Perfect Major

Go on a journey through this informative guide to discover your perfect college major!

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‘Twas the Night Before Aggie Finals
This post originally appeared on: {forever chosen, actively choosing}  Thanks Bethany! #BTHOfinals ‘Twas the night before finals, and all through the college, All students refreshed their brains with their forgotten knowledge. The students were sleepy, but none touched their beds, While all of their classes blurred in their heads.... Read more
Secondhand Stress Reaches All-Time High
One of the greatest dangers of any semester coming to a close is the silent predator, Secondhand Stress. When others refuse to face their responsibilities and the stress-prone absorb everyone’s anxiety. The student body must take all possible precautions, as this toxic, permeating killer can be inhaled all around... Read more
Finals Week As Told by Miss Rev and Shia LaBeouf
The moment you realize finals week is here. 2. You try to start studying. You get distracted. 4. You get REALLY distracted. 5. You eat everything in sight. 6. You realize you haven’t actually done anything. 7. You literally just can’t even. 8. Cue the mental breakdown. 9. You... Read more
Evans Offers Students Rent-A-Mom for Finals Week
Aggie Moms Club and Evans Library have teamed up to offer a new service to stressed out students during finals. While puppy-petting and free massages have been offered in past semesters, Evans will now begin offering a “Rent-A-Mom” service. This new service will give students the chance to “rent”... Read more
Syllabus Views Spike as Students Calculate Minimum Required Grades
Students all across campus are turning to their syllabi, searching for a glimmer of hope. Rick Thornbody, freshman engineering major and battle-hardened student, said college has changed him. “We laughed at the syllabus back then,” Thornbody said, with a harrowing look in his eyes. “Those were happier days. Freshly... Read more
5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Help You Study for Finals
Lack of sleep actually improves focus! Scientists report that replacing sleep with studying has shown higher test scores! It’s called “Brain Focus Redirection.” Basically, whatever energy would have been put into sleep is redirected and put purely into helping you cram and memorize that fleeting information!   Starbucks Doubleshot... Read more