Study Abroad at Sugarloaf Mountain
Texas A&M University is offering an exciting new study abroad program located at and around Sugarloaf Mountain. The program will be 14 weeks long and will provide students with the opportunity to earn course credit while immersing themselves in a unique culture. Garth Yannick, a sophomore Biology Major, is... Read more
Letter to the Editor: Black Friends
Dear Mugdown, I need some advice. When Martin Luther King, Jr. Day came around this year, I wanted to celebrate with a cookout. As I was thinking about who I could invite over, I realized my guest list had a certain lack of diversity to it. To put it... Read more
A&M Allows Concealed Carry of Test Answers
Texas A&M will now permit students to use notes, cheat sheets, textbooks or any other form of assistance during tests. The new rule, which took effect on January 1,  is in accordance with a Texas Senate bill that requires universities to allow students to carry test answers with them... Read more
Star Wars Episode XII: The Empire Sharps Back
Don’t worry, there are no The Force Awakens spoilers ahead! We promise! We’re not that mean.Star Wars Episode XII: The Empire Sharps Back   Cast of Characters   Chancellor Palpetine → Emperor Sharp “Yes, yes. Let the hate flow through you.” “I can feel your anger. It gives you... Read more
Kyler Murray to Transfer to University of Phoenix Online
In a recent move that shocked much of Aggieland, Kyler Murray has announced his transfer to the nationally acclaimed online college, The University of Phoenix. According to sources close to the erstwhile starter, Murray has accepted a fantasy football scholarship offer. After the transfer, Murray will retain three years of NCAA eligibility. During his... Read more
Gold Coats

Gold Coats

Local News December 15, 2015 0

Gold Coats “We encourage all applicants, we just might not want you.”   Mark your calendars, professional schmoozers, because Gold Coats applications are coming out January 31, 2016. Founded upon the three basic pillars of excellence, funds, and flattery, Gold Coats is soon to be recognized as the premiere... Read more
Revolving Door

Revolving Door

Sunday Comics December 14, 2015 0

Clickbait Week! Can We Lure You In?
You’ve studied long enough, reward yourself. The Top 10 Top 10 Top 10 List 7 Essential Tips for Boot Chasers 5 Sexiest Layne’s Chicken Finger Boxes Finals Week as Told by Miss Rev and Shia LaBeouf  The Humble Brag Chart: Does Your Org Matter? Top 10 Reasons Clickbait is... Read more
The Effort/Grade Line: Is Your Class Worth It?
  -5k for Yell Read more
Evans Offers Students Rent-A-Mom for Finals Week
Aggie Moms Club and Evans Library have teamed up to offer a new service to stressed out students during finals. While puppy-petting and free massages have been offered in past semesters, Evans will now begin offering a “Rent-A-Mom” service. This new service will give students the chance to “rent”... Read more