Find Your Aggie Spouse Now Before It’s Too Late
The spring semester is rapidly approaching a close, fellow students.  If you have already missed the “ring before spring” deadline, it is time you got with the program.  If you are a graduating senior, this is especially imperative. How can you be even thinking about graduation if you have... Read more
Rec Reminds Us that Improvements are Coming
As swimsuit and jort season rapidly approaches, the seasonal influx of students using the Student Recreation Center is at an all time low during this construction season. The noise, crowdedness, and fear of bat attacks prevent all but the most dedicated regulars from visiting the Rec. The Rec has... Read more
Formula Discovered for Perfect Yell Leaders
Researchers at A&M have discovered the formula for the perfect Yell leaders. After many years of hard work studying the physics, mathematics and theory behind leading yells, it was discovered that the single most important attribute of a Yell leader is, in fact, being a white, non-denominational Christian male.... Read more
Snapchat Blindness Outbreak: How You Can Help
Outstretched arms, unnatural facial expressions, and complete lack of social awareness. All the symptoms are here for Snapchat Blindness (SCB). This recently discovered disease is taking universities by storm and Texas A&M is no exception. As a result of the instant photo sharing application, students everywhere have been running... Read more
Beautiful Playing in the MSC Flag Room Makes Youth Doubt Self Worth
The MSC flag room is a cozy spot frequently visited by students hoping to relax, unwind, and study.  The seating options are plentiful, the chairs themselves comfortable, the lighting moody, the decor lovely, the atmosphere homey, the people friendly, and the piano playing beautiful. Yesterday, however, it was discovered... Read more
Senior Finishes Netflix
After finishing the last episode of “Paranormal Home Inspectors,” senior James Werther realized that he had watched the totality of the Netflix library. There were no shows to be recommended. There were no hours to be procrastinated. It was finished. “I kind of have mixed feelings about it. I... Read more
HOUSE of KOLDUS: Part 2 of 2
Mugdown Presents House of Koldus by Honey Bear   *House of Cards Seasons 1 and 2 Spoilers Below* This is the second part of a two-part series. Check HERE to read the first part to HOUSE of KOLDUS!   Scene 4 (Inside the senate meeting. Benigno is standing at a podium at the... Read more
HOUSE of KOLDUS: Part 1 of 2
Mugdown Presents House of Koldus by Honey Bear   *House of Cards Seasons 1 and 2 Spoilers Below* Black screen “Mugdown Presents” fades into an intro parodying “House of Cards” with time lapses of various A&M buildings. During the intro credits, the names of actual student senators and political... Read more
The Mugdown’s Guide to the 2015 Elections
The Mugdown’s “I Am Gig the Vote (And So Can You!)” A One Stop Guide to the SBP Elections This is the best time of the year to be in The Mugdown. It’s basically our Christmas. Many of you may be tired of having people yell at you and... Read more