MSC to Enact New “No Signal” Policy to Increase Human Interaction
A recent email from President Young has announced the launch of a new policy at Texas A&M designed to encourage student unity. The latest policy is a response to the push to have the Memorial Student Center be a dead spot for cellular service in hopes to increase human... Read more
Fish Camp Counselors Take Lead in Humble Brag Competition
If there is one thing your Facebook friends care about, it is your various accomplishments. Got an above-average score on that lab practical? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to harvest some Facebook likes! Got that internship with that company no one has heard of? Sing that s**t from the... Read more
Students Auction Admission Offer for Profit
The application for admission into Texas A&M is currently open to the prospective class of 2020, and the admissions office has begun sending out its first batch of acceptance letters, expanding the Aggie Family to a size greater than ever before. The collective groans have been heard far and wide... Read more
Dating Couple Basically Engaged by Hours
Local couple Sarah Addison and Connor Bristow drew attention from young couples everywhere when they announced a major relationship milestone in a Facebook post Sunday evening. Despite dating for only eight months and four days, the couple believes that they might as well just consider themselves engaged. Some students... Read more