Kyle Field Graduation Sends Message to Engineers: “Lower Expectations”
The ever-growing College of Engineering has announced that it would be hosting the 2017 commencement ceremony in Kyle Field.  Reactions to the news have been mixed: while some students were excited to turn their tassels inside the Home of the 12th Man, others recognized that the venue was outdoors,... Read more
Graphic Tee Student Loves Coffee, Sarcasm, Bad First Impressions
It is mid-afternoon in the wildlands of northside campus (colloquially known as The Engineering Corner): It is chilly out, yet still…this curious creature has insisted on short sleeves and cargo shorts for the day. At least his feet are warm with those thick, white ankle socks stuffed into black... Read more
More Engineering Fish Must Flunk
The Mugdown continues a rich tradition of satirical publications at Texas A&M. Cushing Library and Archive houses copies of satirical publications produced by students from as early as 1916. The article below is reprinted from an issue of “THE BUTTALION,” released on April Fool’s Day in 1957. Sixty years... Read more
Petroleum Engineering Students Outraged After Liberal Arts Student Receives Paid Internship
Protests rocked the east side of campus today as news that a Liberal Arts major was hired for a well-paid internship, while petroleum engineering majors are still without internships and jobs. Junior English major Sarah Oliver received an offer from a well-known consulting firm because of her “analytical and... Read more
Cadet Accidentally Contributes to Group Project
On Tuesday, April 26th, three group members on an ENGR 112 project were shocked to discover that freshman Corps of Cadets member Michael Stevenson, a hopeful mechanical engineering major from San Antonio, had completed their entire project over the weekend. ENGR 112, an elaborate hazing ritual that the University... Read more
Student Cheats on Ethics Test
Last Friday, civil engineering senior Eric Bloed was caught using test answers concealed in his water bottle to cheat on an exam in Engineering Ethics. Bloed, who one day wants to build bridges that hundreds of people will cross daily, feels like the course “doesn’t really matter.” During his... Read more
Heldenfels to House New PYRO Major
Few phrases are as well known, and branded, around Texas A&M as the new Dwight Look College of Engineering’s “25×25 Initiative.”  However, less discussed is the imminent problem of rapidly expanding a rigorous program without increasing academic support for freshman engineering majors.  The departments of Construction Science and Industrial... Read more
Petroleum Engineering Joins College of Liberal Arts
With the price of crude oil hovering around $30 per barrel, administrative changes are coming to the petroleum engineering department. The entire department is being moved from the Dwight Look College of Engineering to the College of Liberal Arts, as their new college aligns much better with the petroleum... Read more
Fish Camp Counselors Take Lead in Humble Brag Competition
If there is one thing your Facebook friends care about, it is your various accomplishments. Got an above-average score on that lab practical? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to harvest some Facebook likes! Got that internship with that company no one has heard of? Sing that s**t from the... Read more
University to STEM the Flow of Gender Inequality
Since the Industrial Revolution, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (otherwise known as “STEM”) have been fields almost exclusively dominated by men. Unfortunately, there has been a recent push to insert women into STEM environments. Not wanting to be outdone, “FACE” majors have now been targeted as needing a more... Read more