Rick Perry Now Reveals Russia Tampered in TAMU Student Body Elections
Rick Perry, Head Yell leader ’72 and 11th Runner-Up in season 23 of Dancing With the Stars, recently implied that Texas A&M Student Body Elections may have been part of a larger Russian tampering conspiracy. For weeks, the public anxiously awaited as Rick Perry stayed silent on the student... Read more
Election Commissioner Braces for Consequences of Doing Job Well
A well-run election conducted with integrity and class is a hard thing to come by at Texas A&M. Last week, Election Commissioner Rachel Keathley ran such an election (with the exception of the disqualification of The Mugdown—SAD). In the wake of such a fair election, the student body has... Read more
Student’s Vote Not Counted After He Forgets to Post a Picture to Social Media
Last Thursday, Toby Brewer, a Junior Economics student at Texas A&M, got out of bed early to fulfill his civic duty and cast his vote. After waiting in line and completing his ballot, he placed his “I voted” sticker on his backpack and went on his way. This morning,... Read more
Desperate for Voters, Polling Place Disguises Itself As a Panda Express
In a strange turn of events, a student who thought he was standing in line at the MSC Underground Panda Express found himself voting instead of ordering fried rice. Michael Schenkel, sophomore Economics major, had been watching cat videos on his phone and had not noticed that what appeared... Read more
Passive Aggressive Chalk War in the Wellborn Tunnel Heats Up
As the presidential election approaches, students on campus have sprung into full-on activist mode. Briefly glancing at the trending tweets about each candidate, many Aggies have chosen who they will lend their support to, standing by their newfound beliefs until the bitter end. Confident that their commentary is vital... Read more
Donald Trump Explains Texas Colleges
In an exclusive interview with The Mugdown, we asked Donald Trump to describe the various high-quality universities in Texas. To our shock, Trump had an extensive and impressive knowledge of this state’s collegiate systems that supersedes anything a Texan could ever think or imagine. After a few questions, Trump... Read more
The Mugdown Endorses for SBP!
It’s the magical time of year once again: Campus Election Season. When students flock to the online polls to cast their vote in support of their favorite candidate to obtain what some perceive as the highest seat in the land. The individual that proves him or herself the most... Read more
The Mugdown’s Guide to the 2015 Elections
The Mugdown’s “I Am Gig the Vote (And So Can You!)” A One Stop Guide to the SBP Elections This is the best time of the year to be in The Mugdown. It’s basically our Christmas. Many of you may be tired of having people yell at you and... Read more
Tsau Outsources Entire Campaign Team
It was revealed today that Isaiah Tsau, junior marketing major and student body president candidate, hired all members of his campaign team from Rice University. Throughout his campaign, Tsau has stressed the importance of diversity on campus and in local leadership. His crowning achievement was assembling the first campaign... Read more
Joseph Benigno Looking to Inherit Kyle Kelly’s Empire
An Empire may rise and fall, but one thing will always remain the same: for every sith, there is an apprentice. Student body presidents past refer to this as the “Rule of Two.” “I have had a successful career leading the Aggie Empire, but my time is drawing to... Read more