The New, New Testament, Part 3: Not Peace, but the Sword
In order to become a member of the Christian community, many have given up hours on Pinterest to find the perfect calligraphy font or spent money on pseudo-adventurous clothing. For some, though, the sacrifice is greater than learning a new skill or purchasing a new wardrobe, and many are not... Read more
The New, New Testament, Part 2: We Are One Body
Poor art skills are not the only thing keeping people from living as true disciples of Jesus Christ. To truly “do life” with intentional believers, one must make real sacrifices. A Bible study meets every Wednesday night in Vincent Askelson’s home. The young men ride to his house on... Read more
The New, New Testament, Part 1: Watercolor to Wine
Partially painted canvases litter the floor surrounding Rachel Nordeman’s desk. One is an unfinished drawing of a disproportionate anchor; another, an attempt at watercolor wildflowers. Nordeman sits at her desk—cluttered with open paint palettes and empty coffee mugs—and hunches over her latest project: a woodcut with the words “It... Read more
Roommate’s Passive Aggression Miraculously Works
Upon returning to her apartment after her final class of the week, local student Vartika Singh was taken aback by the radical transformation that had occurred within her living space. Singh had been working tirelessly since the second week of the semester to admonish and correct the lazy behavior... Read more
GroupMe App Announces Shutdown, Student Organizations Follow
No Smartphone app has done more to increase communication, productivity, and data overage charges than GroupMe, the multi-person messaging app widely used among college students. However, in a recent press release, GroupMe announced that the application will soon shut down. Following this announcement, faculty and staff of the Texas... Read more
Brazos County Not Exotic Enough for Student Missionaries

The Bryan/College Station area, with its large homeless population and abundance of low-income families, is simply not as appealing as oversees travel to the servant-hearted missionaries that live in a potential mission-field throughout the year.

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Spacious Spirit Bus Sets New Occupant Record
Tuesday morning, Malik Heath, a junior economics major and Aggie Spirit bus driver, packed a record 118 students, two guide dogs, seven visitors, and three Texas A&M University Athletes™ onto his bus. He is scheduled to receive an award from Transportation Services for this remarkable feat. Heath typically drives the... Read more
Freshman Angered by Lack of Wildcatting in Math Class
As one of the many freshmen indoctrinated at Fish Camp, Agricultural Leadership major, Andrew Saenz, came to Texas A&M University with an unmatched enthusiasm for school traditions. Saenz, a first generation Aggie and self-proclaimed redass, recently had to face the difficult reality of underwhelming student spirit in his Math... Read more
The Haunting of Cain Hall
An official statement by the University cites both  the overcrowded Student Services office and unmet game day needs as reasons for the demolition of Cain Hall. The President’s office shared that a parking garage, hotel, skywalk to Kyle Field, and new spaces for Student Services will form the new... Read more