Evans Library to Become Six-Story Starbucks
Evans Library has long been a hub for research and studying on campus. In 2014, Chartwells opened a Starbucks in Evans Library that immediately drew large crowds. Since this location accepts both the Starbucks App and dining dollars as viable payment forms, the Evans Starbucks outshines the Barnes and... Read more
Construction Scheduled for Completion After Your Graduation
Construction sites are a fixture of many college campuses, with surprise detours and blocked off sidewalks a common hindrance for students.  The completion date for most on-campus construction projects at A&M are usually TBA, but in an almost unheard of special occasion, this Mugdown reporter has finally learned exactly... Read more
Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell, Sidewalk to Hospital
Recently, the dangers of traversing Texas A&M’s College Station campus by foot have come into a new light. Students will not be warned of this danger through a “CRIME ALERT” email, nor will they read about it on the College Station Police Department’s Twitter.  Who is putting students’ lives... Read more
$450 Million Spent on Building for 7-Day Use
Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp defended the university’s decision to spend over $450 million on a building that would only be used about seven times each year. The value added to campus, he argued, would more than make up for the cost. The building, which was recently completed, features state-of-the-art video... Read more
Confused Ol’ Ag Breaks Into Kyle Field for Midnight Yell
With the Texas A&M spring Parents’ Weekend coming this weekend, the university wishes to give Aggie parents the best experience possible. A trademark tradition in Aggieland is the beloved Midnight Yell Practice, a surprisingly popular event amongst older generations who have not seen midnight in decades. Traditionally, Yell Leaders... Read more
New Kyle Field to Leave 12 Seats Half Empty…or Half Full
There has been more than a little controversy surrounding the renovation of Texas A&M University’s Kyle FieldTM. Perhaps, chief among these is the announcement that 12 seats would be left empty to honor Fallen AggiesTM and the Twelfth ManTM. The scandal stems from public backlash in the belief that... Read more