Comfort Color Graduation Caps and Gowns Now Available
Students spend a significant part of their time in college figuring out who they are and what makes them unique. For a majority of Aggies, being unique means wearing Comfort Colors. From Gig ‘Em Howdy Week to Ring Day, Comfort Colors t-shirts have always been there to swaddle Aggies in... Read more
Women Go to Northgate, Excited for Night of Being Disrespected
Every weekend, the women of College Station look forward to nights full of disrespect and undesired attention from inebriated male suitors. They spend hours doing their hair, putting on makeup, and picking the perfect outfit to look just right for an uncomfortable encounter with a potential new man to... Read more
Roommate Finds Life’s Purpose in Hating Your Boyfriend
The roommate. An odd, inert creature who passive-aggressively shares living quarters with you. This interesting specimen of the human race is known to have several different forms, each as baffling as the next. For a majority of her time, the roommate can be found prone on the couch in... Read more
Puppy Station to Introduce New Line of Non-GMO Puppies
In an effort to provide customers with a more novel experience, Puppy Station plans to release a new collection of non-genetically modified puppies. The popular store located in the soul-crushing Post Oak mall will be introducing wolf pups in early December, coinciding with finals in order to cater to... Read more
Desperate for Voters, Polling Place Disguises Itself As a Panda Express
In a strange turn of events, a student who thought he was standing in line at the MSC Underground Panda Express found himself voting instead of ordering fried rice. Michael Schenkel, sophomore Economics major, had been watching cat videos on his phone and had not noticed that what appeared... Read more
The Walking Dead: Revenge of the Bikers
Texas A&M is seen as a bastion of respect and integrity, but underneath this facade of civility is a decades-long conflict: the perpetual Bikers vs. Walkers Civil War. Walkers are facing increasing danger as the University shows increasing partiality with the bikers. Back in November 2015, the League of... Read more
Know the Signs: Freshman Disillusionment Syndrome
What is Freshman Disillusionment Syndrome (FDS)? Freshman Disillusionment Syndrome is a contagious disease prevalent in college freshmen that causes a rapid onset of disappointment. Many incoming freshmen believe that anything is possible after encountering unlimited ice cream in Sbisa and teachers who do not make them raise their hand... Read more
From Holick’s to Hunter
When it rains in College Station, it pours. With the midseason decline of Aggie Football, the tears of A&M fans align with the seasonal monsoons in B/CS. The inadequate draining on campus causes puddles and small rivers to form, creating swamps in certain areas. This poses a unique problem... Read more
Tuition Hearing Becomes Auction for Highest Bid
Last week, Texas A&M’s most anticipated event of the fall semester finally took place: the Designated Tuition hearings, which propose tuition changes for the next academic year. For two days only, Rudder 301 and 601 became hot spots for student activity and passion. “Whenever I get emails from the... Read more