New No-Phone Law Causes Drivers to Crash and Die Due to Boredom
On November 9th, the city of College Station implemented a new law forbidding the use of a cell phone whilst driving. The next day, local law-abiding citizen and student Ryan Bradley crashed into a telephone pole on Holleman. Bradley’s friend Connor Watson was following behind him right before the... Read more
TRAFFIC ALERT: Road Closures for Ring Day Photo Space, Traffic Control
Last April, over 5,000 Texas A&M students received their Aggie Ring, a supposed ticket to post-graduation success. The next Aggie Ring Day is this Friday, September 16, and is expected to bring more students and family members than ever before. Due to this sacred event, College Station will roughly... Read more
New Traffic Lights Designed to End Safe Driver Problem

The City of College Station recently released plans to install a new color to the existing stoplights in the area in order to reduce the number of red lights run. The new light design will include an orange bulb, placed in between the red and yellow lights.

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College Station Now Big Enough for Two Targets
In what can only be described as a day that will go down in history, College Station – our beloved home away from home – has now been deemed large enough for two Targets, by local PTSA mother of three, Gladys Knight. Often thought to be a one-Target town... Read more
Shot Dead: Students Mourn the Loss of Schotzi’s
Instead of being welcomed back to Northgate with open arms and giant soon-to-be-washed-off sharpie X’s on the back of their hands, students looking to extend Winter Break for a few more days were greeted by a locked door and a feeling of disappointment and sadness. Schotzi’s, one of College... Read more
Love Me Tinder: Lonely “Lola” Lighter Takes Tinder
“Damn girl, you’re hot.” This past week, I took my loneliness to a new low and created a Tinder profile under the name “Lola Lighter”. Apparently, “Lonely” isn’t a “real name”. Let’s just say sparks flew, and 152 matches later, I picked my favorite flames to share with you... Read more
University Launches Investigation into On-Campus Coke Dealers
Campus Police Spokesperson, Jim Beamer, announced today that Texas A&M has commissioned the University Police Department to find and take down a ring of influential and possibly dangerous criminals dealing illegal Coke across campus. “Coke is a dangerous substance, and students can’t find it on campus for a reason,”... Read more
Study Finds Quad Only Visible to Those Who Know of Its Existence
COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS — Results of a recent study by the College of Architecture regarding campus design yielded an interesting and surprising result: The Quad, home to all twelve Corps of Cadets dorms and Duncan Dining Center, can only be seen and accessed by students who already know of... Read more
Bryan-College Station Marks 25 Years since Fall of the Bryan Wall
25 years ago, residents of Bryan and College Station, as well as students at Texas A&M University and Blinn College, witnessed history as the Bryan Wall fell. The wall, a symbol of separation between Bryan and College Station, stood for decades and served as an effort by the City... Read more
Dear Westboro, Sincerely God
During last week’s severe storms, lightning simultaneously struck the grave of a deceased servicemen and a homosexual couple. The resulting fire relayed this message to the Most Holy of Congregations, the Disciples of Westboro Baptist Church. My favorite followers, the holy and just members of Westboro Baptist Church:           ... Read more