Catholics to Hold Referendum, Seek Independence from Christian Bubble
Early Monday morning, senior religious studies major Ignatius Loyola announced the intent of the Texas A&M Catholic community to hold a referendum to officially secede from the Christian Bubble and form an independent “Catholic Bubble.” Calls for an independent Catholic Bubble reached a fever pitch this year after Impact... Read more
God’s Traffic Jam This Tuesday at 9PM
Breakaway Ministries announced today that its weekly traffic jam will be returning to West Campus this Tuesday night. Many participants in Breakaway cite this traffic as essential to their spiritual development. “Sure, I could worship Jesus on my own, but nothing beats learning to intentionally guard my heart during... Read more
The New, New Testament, Part 3: Not Peace, but the Sword
In order to become a member of the Christian community, many have given up hours on Pinterest to find the perfect calligraphy font or spent money on pseudo-adventurous clothing. For some, though, the sacrifice is greater than learning a new skill or purchasing a new wardrobe, and many are not... Read more
The New, New Testament, Part 2: We Are One Body
Poor art skills are not the only thing keeping people from living as true disciples of Jesus Christ. To truly “do life” with intentional believers, one must make real sacrifices. A Bible study meets every Wednesday night in Vincent Askelson’s home. The young men ride to his house on... Read more
The New, New Testament, Part 1: Watercolor to Wine
Partially painted canvases litter the floor surrounding Rachel Nordeman’s desk. One is an unfinished drawing of a disproportionate anchor; another, an attempt at watercolor wildflowers. Nordeman sits at her desk—cluttered with open paint palettes and empty coffee mugs—and hunches over her latest project: a woodcut with the words “It... Read more
First Friday Becomes Too Mainstream; Hipsters Create Second Wednesday
First Friday, the monthly festival in downtown Bryan, has been a sanctuary for flannel-clad hipsters for decades, but a select group of students have felt persecuted by the recent influx of normal people. What used to be a lesser-known alternative to a night out on Northgate has become a... Read more
Men’s Orgs Employ ‘Hunger Games’ Recruitment to Attract the Most Intentional Men on Campus
In the fall, every Callaway-dwelling student from a suburb of Dallas, Houston, or Austin has one date marked on their brand new iPhone: Bid Day. It is the beginning of a long path to find popularity, contentment, and a reason to go back home and work for daddy’s oil... Read more
Brazos County Not Exotic Enough for Student Missionaries

The Bryan/College Station area, with its large homeless population and abundance of low-income families, is simply not as appealing as oversees travel to the servant-hearted missionaries that live in a potential mission-field throughout the year.

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Student Loses Breakaway Tag, Salvation Next?
It is a new semester here at Texas A&M, and the first Breakaway of the year was last Tuesday. Everyone knows what that means: new Breakaway backpack tags. An essential part of the typical Christian outfit, you can usually spot these white and blue tags on just about any... Read more
Christian Bubble Bursts, Floods Reed Arena
COLLEGE STATION, TX — At Breakaway on Tuesday night, the Christian bubble at Texas A&M burst. At the crescendo of the famous song by David Crowder, “How He Loves”, the bubble became so full of raised hands and loud voices that it simply could not hold up any longer. The... Read more