Fish Camp Counselors Take Lead in Humble Brag Competition
If there is one thing your Facebook friends care about, it is your various accomplishments. Got an above-average score on that lab practical? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to harvest some Facebook likes! Got that internship with that company no one has heard of? Sing that s**t from the... Read more
Top 10 Fish Camps This Year
This camp was in-tents. They totally had the wildest mixers.   Such a face camp.   This camp followed policy so well, completely dry.   So many perfect partz!   This camp was kept up continuity for the longest.   The best bonfire without a doubt.   Just a... Read more
Student Elite Form Selective GroupMe
On a campus with 50,000 undergraduate students, it can be difficult to know exactly where students fit in. Many student leaders understand that they are better than the other students on campus, but it can be hard to distinguish the leaders from the uninvolved and unimportant. An important student’s... Read more