Get to Know Your 5 for Yell Candidates
Campaign season at Texas A&M is now in full swing, and the Corps of Cadets has released its annual contingent of endorsed Yell Leader candidates, known as “5 for Yell.” Until voting concludes on February 23rd, Facebook will be full of campaign pictures and videos of the candidates, advertising... Read more
Two Friends on Moped Make Immense Effort to Not Touch Each Other
It is not uncommon to see two students carpooling on a single moped, especially on roads surrounding the Texas A&M University campus. Common moped safety standards require the individual on the rear to wrap their arms around the waist of the driver. However, two male students were recently spotted... Read more
Imperialist Taco Shop Acquires Pizza Hut
Fuego Tortilla Grill, a taco shop founded in College Station, has been steadily expanding and acquiring new territory outside of the Bryan–College Station area. Staking claims in Waco and San Marcos, Fuego is establishing itself as a taco staple among Texas college students, hoping to someday join the ranks... Read more
Bagel Theft Prompts Chartwells to Hire Security Guards for On-Campus Dining Halls
It is a common practice amongst Texas A&M students to take food out of the dining halls across campus. Whether students are in a rush or just want to save a bit for later, swiping a little extra food has been common practice since the university began serving meals... Read more
Car Wreck on George Bush Drive Caused by Shirtless Jogger
As the weather begins to cool in College Station, joggers have started utilizing every part of Texas A&M’s campus for their preferred running routes. One of the most popular running spots, the campus golf course, has long been a favorite for students who need a twenty-minute study break. The... Read more
Freshman Confuses Exercise Bikes at Evans for Renovated Rec Center
Constant construction across campus is a familiar sight for all Texas A&M students. Freshmen are often confused when crossing campus, unaware of the changing building names throughout a sea of forklifts and caution tape. Freshman Jack Christy discovered that the FitDesk Bike Desks installed in August at Evans, Medical... Read more