MSC, Rudder Among Buildings to be Renamed

The Board of Regents at Texas A&M plan to rename some of campus’s landmark buildings, including the Memorial Student Center, Rudder Tower and Theater Complex, and Academic Building, a decision many are describing as another example of the growing divide between current and former students and the administration.

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Tuition Hearing Becomes Auction for Highest Bid
Last week, Texas A&M’s most anticipated event of the fall semester finally took place: the Designated Tuition hearings, which propose tuition changes for the next academic year. For two days only, Rudder 301 and 601 became hot spots for student activity and passion. “Whenever I get emails from the... Read more
A&M to Add Seventh Core Value: Involvement
Texas A&M prides itself on students exemplifying the University’s traditional six core values — Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service. Wednesday morning, the Board of Regents made an important addition to this list— Involvement. “Many of our students give top priority to participation in some of our... Read more
25×25 Plan Announced for College of Liberal Arts
The 2015-2016 school year has been off to a frustrating start, with overcrowded parking garages, students sitting on the floor in classrooms, and a surplus of competitive engineering students lining up in front of Evans at 5:00 a.m. hoping to get a table next to an outlet. Juniors and... Read more
Students Fear Test Imminent when Class-Dodging Senior Spotted
Throughout history, civilizations have been brought to their knees at the hands of sickness and plague in both times of war and times of peace. This week, Texas A&M was brought low by one of the most dangerous illnesses of all: senioritis. Senior poultry science major, Eric Wolf, has... Read more