Service Dog Uniforms Changed to Discourage Smiling from Students
Pups for Pals, a Texas A&M organization that provides volunteers to train service dogs, announced this week that the phrase “Please Give Me Dirty Looks! I Haven’t Earned Kindness!” will be sewn into the right side of dogs’ vests. The updated vests, to be instated in January, will address... Read more
Another Bus Follows: A Transportation Horror Story
It’s late. Too late. You knew that this was a bad idea. But, then again, your roommate said it was too, and would it really be wrong of you to stay out late purely to let them know that they aren’t in charge of you? I mean, honestly, you... Read more
Ghost Hunters Come to TAMU in Search of the Spirit of Aggieland
“World-renowned” experts of the paranormal Robert Borden and Mason Kleinfeld are visiting Texas A&M University for an indeterminate amount of time to lead the search for the Spirit of Aggieland. Borden and Kleinfeld are co-creators of Hillbillies and Hauntings, a company that “seeks to be valiant on every vanguard... Read more