Bumbling Doofus of Professor Makes Mistake on Whiteboard
Tragedy struck a Texas A&M classroom yesterday afternoon when ECEN 214 professor Dr. Samuel Miller accidentally wrote “12 A” instead of “-12 A” while solving a problem in his lecture. “There was a huge uproar,” said sophomore electrical engineering student Leola Jackson. “I thought there was going to be... Read more
Graphic Tee Student Loves Coffee, Sarcasm, Bad First Impressions
It is mid-afternoon in the wildlands of northside campus (colloquially known as The Engineering Corner): It is chilly out, yet still…this curious creature has insisted on short sleeves and cargo shorts for the day. At least his feet are warm with those thick, white ankle socks stuffed into black... Read more
eCampus Grades 50% off for Cyber Monday
It is no secret that college students love a good deal, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the reigning kings when it comes to frugal shopping. From clothes to pizza rolls, a good bargain goes a long way, and this year, Texas A&M is joining in on the... Read more
“More Medians!” Demands College Station Transportation Department
Much to the irritation of local residents and Texas A&M students alike, numerous College Station through streets are currently closed for construction. Munson, Nimitz, Luther—the list of closed roads seems inexhaustible. So what is with all of the construction? College Station’s historic neighborhoods feature streets that seem like they... Read more
21 Year Old by Hours Gets Arrested, MIP
In a surprising move made by law enforcement last week, a Texas A&M student was arrested for possession of an alcoholic beverage. These arrests are weekly occurrences for CSPD, and typically are no cause for special attention. However, in this unprecedented case, the perpetrator faces a Minor in Possession... Read more
Fish Camp Counselors Take Lead in Humble Brag Competition
If there is one thing your Facebook friends care about, it is your various accomplishments. Got an above-average score on that lab practical? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to harvest some Facebook likes! Got that internship with that company no one has heard of? Sing that s**t from the... Read more
Honoring Deceased Found to be Great Inconvenience
As students begin to accept that the spring semester is indeed in full swing, the Aggie schedule is moving at full speed. On Tuesday night, Aggies once again gathered in Academic Plaza to honor those students who have passed away, through the sacred and somber tradition of Silver Taps.... Read more
Star Wars Episode XII: The Empire Sharps Back
Don’t worry, there are no The Force Awakens spoilers ahead! We promise! We’re not that mean.Star Wars Episode XII: The Empire Sharps Back   Cast of Characters   Chancellor Palpetine → Emperor Sharp “Yes, yes. Let the hate flow through you.” “I can feel your anger. It gives you... Read more
Revolving Door

Revolving Door

Sunday Comics December 14, 2015 0

This boy was diagnosed with a terminal illness. You WON’T BELIEVE what this university did next!
Get the tissues ready and brace yourself for a heartwarming win so epic it will restore your faith in humanity! Life was good for Joshua Alders, an 8 year-old Door Holder at Clark Elementary. From his games on the hopscotch court to his grades in Phonics class, Josh was... Read more