Aggie Grad Attempts Using GroupMe with Coworkers
If there is one thing that students can take away from their Aggie Education, it is the art of GroupMe messaging. Countless hours poured into group projects, student organizations, and picking the perfect meme have culminated into exceptional GroupMe soft skills for a massive majority of students at A&M.... Read more
Aggie Traditions Explained by Freshman, Senior
When freshman are asked why they attended Texas A&M, the easy answer that nearly every single one will tell you is “the traditions!” Now that the class of 2016 is about to walk across the stage and join the legions of former students, let’s see just how their passion... Read more
Cadet Stolen Valor
With the announcement of: Corps of Cadets: The Musical, something long feared by the Corps has come to fruition: Non-reg students have copied their khaki counterparts to reap the benefits of those who serve in uniform as “Keepers of the Spirit”.  The musical and the translation of Corps-lingo has... Read more
The Bandwagon Aggie’s Guide to Basketball
The Bandwagon Aggie’s Guide to Basketball There you have it, Ags. The Texas A&M Men’s Basketball team finally cracked (then uncracked) the Top 5 in this week’s AP and Coaches Poll, marking their highest position in school history. This means one thing and one thing only: We are a... Read more
Spacious Spirit Bus Sets New Occupant Record
Tuesday morning, Malik Heath, a junior economics major and Aggie Spirit bus driver, packed a record 118 students, two guide dogs, seven visitors, and three Texas A&M University Athletes™ onto his bus. He is scheduled to receive an award from Transportation Services for this remarkable feat. Heath typically drives the... Read more
Too Many Students Says 6th Year Senior
Overcrowding at Texas A&M has been taking a toll. Students can no longer comfortably register for classes or park in Lot 100, and worst of all it is nearly impossible to sit alone in campus dining facilities. Students blame the administration for bringing in larger and larger freshman classes... Read more
Texas A&M Student Files for Emancipation from Aggie Family
On Wednesday, Tom Roberts filed a petition for emancipation from the Aggie family. His petition was received by the Brazos County District Court, and a ruling is expected to be given within the next few weeks. “I enrolled at Texas A&M because of its outstanding Engineering program and nationally... Read more
Hug an Aggie Athlete Day
Starting guard for Texas A&M Men’s Basketball Team, Danuel House, recently suffered a serious injury while walking across campus. A fracture to his ankle was caused by an awkward run-in where a student he was approaching stepped to the same side of the sidewalk as he did. House describes... Read more
Boyfriend Brings Cheating Girlfriend to Honor Council
Last week, sophomore chemical engineering major Sam Cookley brought his unsuspecting girlfriend before the Aggie Honor Council to accuse her of cheating on him. Cookley brought forward screenshots of text messages between his girlfriend, Emily Koberson, and someone saved in her phone as “Jacob – bio lab” as evidence.... Read more