Thickly Bearded Man Disappointingly Normal

COLLEGE STATION — Onlookers were disappointed when they realized Jim Templeton, a sophomore general studies major with an abnormally full beard, was completely normal.

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Big Event Forms Singles Group for Uninvolved Students
It is time to sign up for The Big Event, and many students are finding themselves in a stressful situation. While those who are heavily involved have abundant choices of groups to sign up with, other Aggies struggle. The Big Event allows for students to do community service alongside... Read more
7 Ways to Show Your Friends You Are Not a White Supremacist Today
Many look at their day today and find their social calendar—as well as their social-activist calendar—filled to the brim with potential ways to spend the evening. Check out our top 7 ways for you to show your friends how totally not racist you are! No. 1 Aggies United Attend... Read more
Missionary Sets Out to Convert Tickets
For some, ticket pull and converting student tickets to guest passes is a hassle. For others, it is a ministry. Kyle Joseph, a self-proclaimed Aggie missionary who spends most of his time soliciting GroupMe’s and facilitating Sunday night sports-pass groups, describes his cathartic experience. “Through the chaos and clutter... Read more
Freshman Identifies as Being “From Dallas”
For many, the terms “hometown” and “where you’re from” are used interchangeably, and thus incorrectly. This correlation has become so common, particularly in college towns and universities, that it is rarely questioned. Despite the commonality of this practice, however, Ben Tattlebon, Freshman Accounting major from Plano Texas, has openly... Read more
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Introduced to Protect Closeted Aggie Liberals
After Monday’s presidential debate, political awareness at Texas A&M is at an all-time high. While many informed voters can easily regurgitate Breitbart articles about Hillary Clinton’s health or provide backwash of their parents’ political views, others struggle to come to terms with their political education. Texas A&M has pioneered... Read more
The Twelfth Nom: A Guide to Aggieland’s Cuisine
Kai’s Doughnut Co. to Offer New “Pre-Filtered” Option
Kai’s Doughnut Co. recently announced that they are now offering a special assortment of donuts that come “pre-filtered.” Using a unique blend of icing and toppings, these donuts appear to have already been photo-edited to perfection. Some of the new donut options include: Amaro – For those who are... Read more
Texas A&M Secret Society Application

Secret societies have controlled Texas A&M from behind the scenes for over a century. You’ve always wondered what it would be like…

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The Corps Chart: Which Outfit Should I Be In?
Thinking about joining the Corps? Wondering if your outfit is a perfect match? Just preparing to fit in at Corps of Cadets: The Musical? Follow the Corps Chart! Read more