Texas A&M to Transition from Pepsi to Coca-Cola
In a move that has shocked the campus, Texas A&M University Dining has announced that it will be severing ties with PepsiCo. In its place, University administrators have awarded rival company Coca-Cola Bottlers Consolidated the exclusive right to sell products on campus. The University’s contract with PepsiCo, a multi-year... Read more
Code Maroon Lampoon!
Yesterday, January 28th, 2014 — a date which will live in obscurity — The Maroon Lampoon was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the forces of The Mugdown. The Maroon Lampoon was at peace with the rival newspaper and, at the solicitation of The Mugdown, was in conversation with The... Read more
Corps Member Thanked for His Service
A new semester has begun at Texas A&M University, and with a new year comes an influx of visitors to the campus. Marla Campbell, the mother of a visiting high school senior, was overwhelmingly inspired by the University’s numerous men in uniform. Chad Jordan—fish—was approached by Campbell near the Quad... Read more