Corps Bans Shaking Hands to Cut Back on Hazing
As the new semester begins, students across campus are, as usual, looking to the quad with wide eyes and bated breath. All of these preternaturally open eyes were on Dr. Anne Reber, current interim Director of Student Life and Director of Disability Services at Texas A&M as she reviewed... Read more
Student Loses Breakaway Tag, Salvation Next?
It is a new semester here at Texas A&M, and the first Breakaway of the year was last Tuesday. Everyone knows what that means: new Breakaway backpack tags. An essential part of the typical Christian outfit, you can usually spot these white and blue tags on just about any... Read more
The Mugdown is Now Accepting Applications
Howdy Ags, It has been a heck of a first year for us. We have done a lot, and now we are ready to grow again. This upcoming semester, we are looking to expand our team. Over the last year, we have had numerous people ask us how they can get... Read more
The Mugdown Wrap-Up: Fall 2014 in Review
It has been a long semester for many Aggies at Texas A&M University. After fighting through finals, students are now bracing themselves for extensive periods of time spent with younger siblings and weird aunts. It is during this time that we like to stop and reflect on the semester... Read more
#ClubAnnex: Library Rave at Texas A&M
Did we mention we hosted #ClubAnnex? The video recap of our rave in the library is LIVE!   Video edited by Honey Bear Follow @BigOldHoneyBear Follow @Mugdown Follow @ClubAnnexTAMU Read more
The 10 Cutest Corps Guys on Campus
1. This adorable couple of corgis beneath the Century Tree. 2. These corps guys are the best of friends. 3. They’re just so excited to get their picture taken with Sully! 4. Workout today was ruff! Washing up at the end of a long day. 5. This corgi being... Read more
LLAC: The Mugdown’s Guide to Mugging Down
The Lonely Lighter Advice Column on: The Mugdown’s Guide to Mugging Down Dear Lonely Lighter, I have a confession: I am an 18 year-old male who has never kissed anyone. Since my secret got out in my dorm earlier this year, I have wanted nothing more than to leave... Read more
Study Finds Quad Only Visible to Those Who Know of Its Existence
COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS — Results of a recent study by the College of Architecture regarding campus design yielded an interesting and surprising result: The Quad, home to all twelve Corps of Cadets dorms and Duncan Dining Center, can only be seen and accessed by students who already know of... Read more
LLAC: How to Like Football If You Don’t Like Football – A Girl’s Guide
The Lonely Lighter Advice Column on: How to Like Football If You Don’t Like Football – A Girl’s Guide Hey Lonely, I have an embarrassing confession: I can’t like Aggie Football. I know; I’m a total two-percenter, but I have really tried. There are so many rules, and it’s... Read more