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Revolving Door


Kyle Allen Revolving Door



He’s Got a Big…Personality

He's Got a Big...Personality

Battle for the Flag Room – Sunday Comic

Queen of the Flag Room
Zelsa’s Law: every ten minutes, a song from The Legend of Zelda is played in the MSC Flag Room. If a song from The Legend of Zelda fails to play, a song from Frozen will be played instead.

Charlie Hebdo’s Angels – Sunday Comic

Charlie Hepdo's Angels

For those who have not seen the news, the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, was attacked at their Paris office on Wednesday, Jan. 7th, 2015. 12 people including four cartoonists and two police officers were killed by islamist militants. We at The Mugdown stand alongside Charlie Hebdo and our fellow satire organizations across the globe for the freedom of expression and against the brutality of fear. The cruel attack will not be forgotten.

The Mugdown

Guardians of the Century – Sunday Comic

Guardians of the Century

The 12th (Million Dollar) Man – Sunday Comic

The 12th Million Dollar Man