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Charlie Hebdo’s Angels – Sunday Comic

Charlie Hepdo's Angels

For those who have not seen the news, the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, was attacked at their Paris office on Wednesday, Jan. 7th, 2015. 12 people including four cartoonists and two police officers were killed by islamist militants. We at The Mugdown stand alongside Charlie Hebdo and our fellow satire organizations across the globe for the freedom of expression and against the brutality of fear. The cruel attack will not be forgotten.

The Mugdown

Guardians of the Century – Sunday Comic

Guardians of the Century

The 12th (Million Dollar) Man – Sunday Comic

The 12th Million Dollar Man

Battered Aggie Syndrome – Sunday Comic – 9/21/2014

Battered Aggie Syndrome

Sunday Comic – Annual College Station Drivers’ Convention – 9/6/2014

Here’s this week’s SUNDAY comic. Yup, our SUNDAY comic. Ya know, cuz it’s SUNDAY and all. *cough* Yeah, okay, um, here’s  the comic. Click to see it full resolution.

Annual College Station Drivers Convention

Sunday Comic – Johnny Gives the Redskins The Bird – 5/10/2014

We’re not late on our comic. It’s definitely Sunday. Sunday, May 10th, 2014. We’re totally on time and haven’t been sitting on our butts watching Netflix and not writing articles all summer. So, put away your calendar and just trust us on this one. We’ve always been a reliable source. And now that our intern has finally recovered our password, we can post stories again! Go team! (Don’t worry. Said intern has been flayed and executed for his crimes against the realm. RIP Mark Dore.)

Now that we’re back, we’re sooo excited to end our lovely summer vacation so we can stay up late writing articles, drawing comics, and researching the delicious drama that is life at Texas A&M. Goodbye late-night alcohol-fueled parties and hello late-night coffee-fueled alcohol-fueled writing sessions.

You’re probably wondering why May 10th of all days to come back from our super short hibernation. Well, there’s one man that can perk up even the laziest journalist. And for those who didn’t hear, during their preseason game, Texas A&M’s darling Johnny Heisman gave the Redskins the bird. Forget the fact that NFL history is overflowing with the obscene gestures of its quarterbacks, because this time it was Johnny Manziel.

Johnny Gives the Redskins the Bird (small)Get psyched for a new semester with us. #MUGDOWNFORWHAT

-Honey Bear