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Sunday Comic – Good Bull Hunting Collaboration – 4/13/14

Today’s a unique day. For those who don’t know, I’ve spent the last seven weeks doing weekly comics every Sunday with Cuppy Cup from Good Bull Hunting in addition to the Sunday Comics we do here on our site. This week’s comic represents two months of hard work on what really doesn’t even qualify as a web comic. I would really define it as a creepily huge album of Johnny Manziel fan-art. To get to the point, I spent so much time on this week’s Good Bull Hunting comic that I didn’t have time to do a Mugdown comic today.

The Good Bull Hunting comics, named “Off the Wood”, are fantastic and honestly better than a lot of the ideas I come up with on my own. If you don’t regularly check them out, here’s the link to all of our previous Off the Wood comics.

So check it out and tell me your favorite of this week’s Labors!

Mugdown Comics Featured Image

SUNDAY COMIC – The Sorting of Johnny Manziel – 3/30/2014

The Sorting of Johnny Manziel


This post is the first in a series. This week The Mugdown is celebrating Harry Potter Week in support of the undefeated Texas A&M Quidditch Team as they prepare for the Quidditch World Cup this upcoming weekend.


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