The 12th (Million Dollar) Man – Sunday Comic
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Aggies to Q-Drop Ole Miss Loss
I’ve seen ’em lose, and I’ve seen ’em win. And now I’ve seen ’em quit. The Aggies lost to the Ole Miss Rebels 35-20 in a game that was less close than the score indicated. Fortunately, undergraduate football teams are normally permitted four Q-Drops during their collegiate careers. After... Read more
University Sells Ad Space on Reveille’s Shawl
In the age of commercialism, it can be easy finding money to fund the largest stadium in the SEC. New stadiums are not cheap, but they can be if your values are. Studies have shown that the best way to finance a large, elite athletics program is to take... Read more
Kyle Field Scoreboard Adds 15 Pounds
After complaints by fans that the scoreboard added the Freshman 15 a bit too early in the year, the Kyle Field media staff took a hard look at their equipment to make sure everything was square. The video board, now the largest in the country, was made to maximize... Read more
LLAC: How to Like Football If You Don’t Like Football – A Girl’s Guide
The Lonely Lighter Advice Column on: How to Like Football If You Don’t Like Football – A Girl’s Guide Hey Lonely, I have an embarrassing confession: I can’t like Aggie Football. I know; I’m a total two-percenter, but I have really tried. There are so many rules, and it’s... Read more
Game Time Prayer Angers Zeus. Weather Happens.
Only moments after Kyle Kelly finished his prayer to the Hebrew God before the first football game against Lamar, another god stirred. In spectacular wrath, Zeus began to throw down lightning bolts to punish the bigotry of the Aggies. For hours, Zeus threw bolt after bolt, declaring that the... Read more
Battered Aggie Syndrome – Sunday Comic – 9/21/2014
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Aggies attending the football game this weekend witnessed a special treat: the Rice Middle School improv group, affectionately nicknamed The MOB. As the Rice Middle School Band performed at halftime, the improv group was allowed to join their classmates on the field to perform a small skit they put... Read more
Sunday Comic – Undead Week – 4/27/14
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After the recent arrest of Ricky Seals-Jones for what the CSPD are calling disorderly conduct (language),  it seemed only appropriate that Sumlin’s message to the team be short, sweet, and lacking expletives. He simply lowered his sunglasses and told the players in a steady voice that, when they are... Read more