Jimbo Fisher Takes Over as A&M Head Coach Out of Pity
It’s official: Jimbo Fisher will take over head coaching duties at Texas A&M out of pity, effective immediately. Rumors that Fisher was pursuing the opportunity to help the less fortunate have come to fruition. According to Fisher, leaving his prestigious position at Florida State to focus on charity work... Read more
New Athletic Recruits Excited to Witness Aggie Family From Afar
This past year, we have seen Texas A&M Athletics continue to make immense strides towards becoming a national force to be reckoned with, and witnessed extraordinary successes from our track and field, baseball, soccer, swimming and diving teams, and many more. With national recognition comes a surge of new... Read more
Aggie Football Players Write ‘Nice Things’ to Each Other
After Wednesday’s frustrating loss to K-State, Aggie football players decided to move past their dissatisfaction and end the season on a more “uplifting” note.  During Thursday morning’s team meeting, players reminisced on the highs and lows of this past season and shared thoughtful notes with each other: “Nice Things.”... Read more
Student Body and Fans Call on Kevin Sumlin to Q-Drop Screen Passes
On the last day to Q-drop classes, a large number of students and Aggie Football fans have called upon Head Coach Kevin Sumlin to use one of his university allotted Q-drops to drop screen passes from the offensive playbook. The grassroots movement, named “Please Run Better Plays,” draws support... Read more
Donors Frustrated Over Inability to Purchase a Guaranteed National Championship

After spending millions of dollars on the football program, fans have become frustrated that the money spent has not correlated to guaranteed success.

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GroupMe App Announces Shutdown, Student Organizations Follow
No Smartphone app has done more to increase communication, productivity, and data overage charges than GroupMe, the multi-person messaging app widely used among college students. However, in a recent press release, GroupMe announced that the application will soon shut down. Following this announcement, faculty and staff of the Texas... Read more
New KINE Class Prepares Students for Leaving Games Early

Leaving games early can be a tricky affair; many students fear the judgement of their peers, whose sweaty stares follow their premature journeys down the ramps. Fortunately for them, Texas A&M University has decided to continue the tradition of casting aside its core values for money by offering a new one hour KINE course titled “Advanced Flaking.”

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Aggie Football is back, and you can bet this season will be a crazy one, with more twists and turns than our offseason QB depth chart. Luckily, The Mugdown’s advanced sports analytics team is here to point out some important games this season.

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The Bandwagon Aggie’s Guide to Basketball
The Bandwagon Aggie’s Guide to Basketball There you have it, Ags. The Texas A&M Men’s Basketball team finally cracked (then uncracked) the Top 5 in this week’s AP and Coaches Poll, marking their highest position in school history. This means one thing and one thing only: We are a... Read more
Kyler Murray to Transfer to University of Phoenix Online
In a recent move that shocked much of Aggieland, Kyler Murray has announced his transfer to the nationally acclaimed online college, The University of Phoenix. According to sources close to the erstwhile starter, Murray has accepted a fantasy football scholarship offer. After the transfer, Murray will retain three years of NCAA eligibility. During his... Read more