Utopia Realized Once All Students Disarmed
Despite a decision passed in the Texas legislature, concealed carry has been banished from Texas A&M University completely, ushering in a golden age of safety and prosperity. Once it was wisely pointed out that guns only have the potential to hurt people and are not tools with any redeeming... Read more
Student Fails Personality Test
Freshman general studies student Jenn Dole has no personality. Sarah Chandlers, a researcher in the college of psychology, confirmed the news earlier this week. “To the casual observer, Ms. Dole seems like anyone else,” Chandlers said. “But under scrutiny her lack of personality is obvious. Ms. Dole exhibits very... Read more
Myers Gigs: Find Your Aggie Personality
-5K for Yell Read more
Mugdown Lowdown: How to Spend $4 Billion
Mugdown Lowdown: How to Spend $4 Billion   Last week, President Young announced a new plan to raise $4 billion over the next five years for world-changing projects. After the university spent the first million dollars on a large card stunt at Kyle Field, they reached out to The Mugdown for... Read more
Pros & Cons of Campus Carry
Texas State Legislators recently passed a bill requiring state universities to implement policies allowing concealed carry of firearms on their campuses. Some viewed the decision positively as a defense of individual rights and deterrent to crime, while others expressed concerns that the decision will only increase danger and tarnish... Read more
Professor Convinced i>Clickers are Path to Salvation
Halfway through his Tuesday morning Chemistry lecture, Dr. Gonzalez smirked as he decided to test his students’ knowledge of strong and weak acids with an i>clicker quiz. After generously allotting them over three minutes to think it through, Dr. Gonzalez was dumbfounded when he saw that there were over... Read more
New Study Shows Only 50,000 Distinct Faces Exist. A&M has 56,000 Students…
A recent study by the Psychology Department claims that there are only 50,000 truly distinct faces in the world. This means that many people have “virtually indistinguishable traits.” At a school the size of Texas A&M, that means that there are at least 6,000 people walking around that have... Read more
Why Liberal Arts is Super Dumb
Once upon a time, there were dumb people who did not want to be engineers. There people are Liberal Arts majors. Why do they want to be Liberal Arts? In my opinion it is because they do not understand why engineers are so great, and now I will tell... Read more
Architecture Department to Install Glass Ceiling
The Texas A&M University College of Architecture announced this past Wednesday that students and faculty will be working to install a glass ceiling in the Langford Architecture building. The Mugdown spoke with Dan Ward, an associate architecture professor here at Texas A&M and head of the project, for further... Read more
Why We Need the Giant Magellan Telescope: The Mugdown’s First OpEd
(or an English Major’s Defense of NASA)   Once the world was small, and men found small things that were different in each other and hated them. The same languages spoken with different accents, the same religions with different prayers or the same skin color on different sides of... Read more