21 Year Old by Hours Gets Arrested, MIP
In a surprising move made by law enforcement last week, a Texas A&M student was arrested for possession of an alcoholic beverage. These arrests are weekly occurrences for CSPD, and typically are no cause for special attention. However, in this unprecedented case, the perpetrator faces a Minor in Possession... Read more
Students Find God Only to Lose Him Again
Thousands of students are not the only force that storms through College Station every fall. Along with the longest grocery lines since Y2K, fall unfailingly brings a religious resurgence across the entire community. Preceding countless summer nights on Sixth Street and in Uptown Dallas, many students leave their spirituality... Read more
Mysterious Group Responsible for Fish Spur Theft
Fish Spurs, a long-held and audible tradition, has once again returned to campus. Students from Blocker to Wehner are alerted to the presence of freshman cadets by the ringing of their wire spurs. However, recent spur thefts have students asking, is it a massive crime wave or an act of... Read more
GroupMe App Announces Shutdown, Student Organizations Follow
No Smartphone app has done more to increase communication, productivity, and data overage charges than GroupMe, the multi-person messaging app widely used among college students. However, in a recent press release, GroupMe announced that the application will soon shut down. Following this announcement, faculty and staff of the Texas... Read more
TRAFFIC ALERT: Road Closures for Ring Day Photo Space, Traffic Control
Last April, over 5,000 Texas A&M students received their Aggie Ring, a supposed ticket to post-graduation success. The next Aggie Ring Day is this Friday, September 16, and is expected to bring more students and family members than ever before. Due to this sacred event, College Station will roughly... Read more
New Traffic Lights Designed to End Safe Driver Problem

The City of College Station recently released plans to install a new color to the existing stoplights in the area in order to reduce the number of red lights run. The new light design will include an orange bulb, placed in between the red and yellow lights.

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The Twelfth Nom: A Guide to Aggieland’s Cuisine
MSC, Rudder Among Buildings to be Renamed

The Board of Regents at Texas A&M plan to rename some of campus’s landmark buildings, including the Memorial Student Center, Rudder Tower and Theater Complex, and Academic Building, a decision many are describing as another example of the growing divide between current and former students and the administration.

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Student Submits “Lorem Ipsum” Paper to Latin Prof, Gets A

Rafael Mercalo, a sophomore International Studies major taking CLAS 222 (Intermediate Latin II), realized late Monday evening that he had a 3 page paper— written in latin— on the history of the Roman baths due the following morning. Amidst his panic, he…

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Kai’s Doughnut Co. to Offer New “Pre-Filtered” Option
Kai’s Doughnut Co. recently announced that they are now offering a special assortment of donuts that come “pre-filtered.” Using a unique blend of icing and toppings, these donuts appear to have already been photo-edited to perfection. Some of the new donut options include: Amaro – For those who are... Read more