7 Ways to Show Your Friends You Are Not a White Supremacist Today
Many look at their day today and find their social calendar—as well as their social-activist calendar—filled to the brim with potential ways to spend the evening. Check out our top 7 ways for you to show your friends how totally not racist you are! No. 1 Aggies United Attend... Read more
“More Medians!” Demands College Station Transportation Department
Much to the irritation of local residents and Texas A&M students alike, numerous College Station through streets are currently closed for construction. Munson, Nimitz, Luther—the list of closed roads seems inexhaustible. So what is with all of the construction? College Station’s historic neighborhoods feature streets that seem like they... Read more
New No-Phone Law Causes Drivers to Crash and Die Due to Boredom
On November 9th, the city of College Station implemented a new law forbidding the use of a cell phone whilst driving. The next day, local law-abiding citizen and student Ryan Bradley crashed into a telephone pole on Holleman. Bradley’s friend Connor Watson was following behind him right before the... Read more
Puppy Station to Introduce New Line of Non-GMO Puppies
In an effort to provide customers with a more novel experience, Puppy Station plans to release a new collection of non-genetically modified puppies. The popular store located in the soul-crushing Post Oak mall will be introducing wolf pups in early December, coinciding with finals in order to cater to... Read more
Roommate’s Passive Aggression Miraculously Works
Upon returning to her apartment after her final class of the week, local student Vartika Singh was taken aback by the radical transformation that had occurred within her living space. Singh had been working tirelessly since the second week of the semester to admonish and correct the lazy behavior... Read more
Freshman Identifies as Being “From Dallas”
For many, the terms “hometown” and “where you’re from” are used interchangeably, and thus incorrectly. This correlation has become so common, particularly in college towns and universities, that it is rarely questioned. Despite the commonality of this practice, however, Ben Tattlebon, Freshman Accounting major from Plano Texas, has openly... Read more
First Friday Becomes Too Mainstream; Hipsters Create Second Wednesday
First Friday, the monthly festival in downtown Bryan, has been a sanctuary for flannel-clad hipsters for decades, but a select group of students have felt persecuted by the recent influx of normal people. What used to be a lesser-known alternative to a night out on Northgate has become a... Read more
Austin City Limits: What You Missed
If you were one of the poor, unfortunate souls left in College Station, missing the mass exodus to Austin this past weekend, here are some of the highlights from the first weekend of the little-known music festival. A prime instagram opportunity. If everyone is being really honest, more than... Read more
21 Year Old by Hours Gets Arrested, MIP
In a surprising move made by law enforcement last week, a Texas A&M student was arrested for possession of an alcoholic beverage. These arrests are weekly occurrences for CSPD, and typically are no cause for special attention. However, in this unprecedented case, the perpetrator faces a Minor in Possession... Read more
Students Find God Only to Lose Him Again
Thousands of students are not the only force that storms through College Station every fall. Along with the longest grocery lines since Y2K, fall unfailingly brings a religious resurgence across the entire community. Preceding countless summer nights on Sixth Street and in Uptown Dallas, many students leave their spirituality... Read more