Could This Be the University Center’s Most Offensive Picture Yet?
Many students have taken note of the larger-than-life photographs popping up around campus as a part of University Center’s push to destroy the lives of students. The pictures range from students standing on the seal of Koldus to relaxing on the grass of the MSC. But perhaps the most... Read more
Group Message Leads to Fake Seizure
A false emergency nearly prompted a 9-911 call Wednesday afternoon as a student faked a seizure to play off the incessant vibration of a group message. The GroupMe assault came during a Chemistry 101 final exam. Things began to go south, according to witnesses when professor Simon North heard... Read more
Confused Ol’ Ag Breaks Into Kyle Field for Midnight Yell
With the Texas A&M spring Parents’ Weekend coming this weekend, the university wishes to give Aggie parents the best experience possible. A trademark tradition in Aggieland is the beloved Midnight Yell Practice, a surprisingly popular event amongst older generations who have not seen midnight in decades. Traditionally, Yell Leaders... Read more
On-Campus Housing to be Assigned by New Harry Potter Inspired Housing System
In an attempt to solve the growing issue of on-campus student housing, Texas A&M interim president Mark Hussey has decided to take a page out of a long-beloved book. Upon a student’s acceptance into the university, they will no longer be asked in which dorm they prefer to live.... Read more
Social Media Philanthropist to Donate Likes to Those in Need
Last week, Sarah Walker, sophomore communications major, shocked the world when it was discovered that her profile picture on Facebook had reached 13,459 likes. With the number still rising, Walker would like to thank her family, sorority, FLO, student council committee, Dance Arts Society, Century Singers, The Big Event,... Read more
There is a college stigma that can ne’er be told, and it is the stigma of the infamous and elusive MRS Degree. Many young women invade Aggieland every year in search of the perfect man, and most agree that a uniform is one of the most attractive qualities a... Read more
New Kyle Field to Leave 12 Seats Half Empty…or Half Full
There has been more than a little controversy surrounding the renovation of Texas A&M University’s Kyle FieldTM. Perhaps, chief among these is the announcement that 12 seats would be left empty to honor Fallen AggiesTM and the Twelfth ManTM. The scandal stems from public backlash in the belief that... Read more
Student Fulfills Childhood Dream of Becoming Professional Accountant
Noel Ellis is about to become a huge asset for a major accounting firm. After years of dedication and hard work, Ms. Ellis has passed the CPA exam and will now become a professional account, fulfilling a dream she has had since childhood. “Most people hate accounting. Some tolerate... Read more
Local Comedian Discovered Thanks to Balls Hung from Back of His Truck
As Spring Break rapidly approaches, many students have taken time off their busy schedules to cut back and hang loose. One hilarious student has taken it a step further. Chad Hayes, a ‘super senior’ on his ‘second victory lap’, spent $40 on a surprisingly detailed plastic replica of a... Read more
Student Drops Gluten-Free Diet to Drink Beer
A revolutionary health trend involving the exclusion of gluten from the diet has lately gained prominence in the realm of dieting, primarily as a method of weight loss. Ever health conscious and trendy, many students at Texas A&M have decided to restrict their diets to the consumption of only... Read more