5-Star Girlfriend Decommits From Relationship
Good news for rival recruiters, bad news for Cliff Mickelson: 5-star girlfriend Riley Cahill decommitted from her relationship with Mickelson Tuesday evening. Cahill, who had verbally committed to Mickelson last February, was once considered a locked-in prospect by the Mickelson camp. However, after official visits with her friends and... Read more
A&M Student Comes out as Having Openly Gay Roommate
Things were going well at dinner with his parents for junior political science major Ralph Gutierrez on Sunday until he let a nugget of personal information slip: one of his roommates this year is openly gay. His parents didn’t sleep that evening, the owner of the Days Inn on... Read more
Student Shocked to Discover Existence of Women’s Sports at TAMU
Junior animal science major Draven Esposito was scrolling through Twitter earlier this month, periodically chuckling at cat videos, when he came across a shocking photo. This photo, nearly lost in a sea of basketball clips and airbrushed Yell Leader face shots, announced that the Texas A&M Women’s Soccer Team... Read more
Despite Recent Basketball ‘Noise,’ A&M Still an Equestrian School
Following Saturday night’s victory against the University of Kentucky, many students have taken to Twitter and Snapchat to celebrate that Texas A&M is now a “basketball school” despite the long history and success surrounding the university’s equestrian program. Athletic Director Scott Woodward insists that, although men’s hoops is currently... Read more
Gym Rat Flashes Six-Pack While Removing Sweater
On Monday morning, an entire class of 60 students stared in awe as sophomore Jefferson Steel removed his pullover jacket, revealing his shredded six-pack abs. In an attempt to adjust to the classroom’s thermostat setting, Steel exhibited to his classmates that some people do stay fit in the winter.... Read more
Drunk Mom Caught With Fake ID on Northgate
Aggie Ring weekend fills College Station with excitement, exponentially-increased alcohol sales, and an uncomfortable amount of parents. This past Friday, 2,800 Aggies received their coveted piece of gold, bringing well over 5,000 parents to campus. While some families only stick around for the 30 second ring presentation and two... Read more
Catholics to Hold Referendum, Seek Independence from Christian Bubble
Early Monday morning, senior religious studies major Ignatius Loyola announced the intent of the Texas A&M Catholic community to hold a referendum to officially secede from the Christian Bubble and form an independent “Catholic Bubble.” Calls for an independent Catholic Bubble reached a fever pitch this year after Impact... Read more
Student Becomes Local Cooking Personality After Making Spaghetti
The culinary scene in College Station has been forever altered after the introduction of a local cooking personality. Gorden Speer has become the de facto authority on cooking after managing to actually feed himself real food for once. Speer rose to stardom in the kitchen last week after preparing... Read more
Report: No One Wants to Go to Your Thing
Saying he likely will not show up, junior political science major Mark Shelly told reporters Friday he does not want to go to your thing. This announcement followed a long series of social media notifications, text message conversations, and polite reminders in casual conversation. The news of Shelly’s disinterest... Read more
B/CS Residents Demand Second Big Event to Clean Up Gameday Mess
Last Thursday, College Station resident Dorothy Madders spoke at the College Station City Council Meeting demanding a Second Big Event for the fall semester. Despite The Big Event being a Texas A&M University committee, many locals have complained that students partying during Aggie gameday weekends has resulted in lots... Read more