Corps Freshmen Glad They Aren’t Sorority Littles
As members of an organization widely considered to be the worst organization for new members, freshmen, or “fish,” in the Corps of Cadets expressed sympathy for the new “littles” in sororities. Though freshmen cadets often seem like the most poorly-treated new members of any group on campus, many are... Read more
Mysterious Group Responsible for Fish Spur Theft
Fish Spurs, a long-held and audible tradition, has once again returned to campus. Students from Blocker to Wehner are alerted to the presence of freshman cadets by the ringing of their wire spurs. However, recent spur thefts have students asking, is it a massive crime wave or an act of... Read more
Men’s Orgs Employ ‘Hunger Games’ Recruitment to Attract the Most Intentional Men on Campus
In the fall, every Callaway-dwelling student from a suburb of Dallas, Houston, or Austin has one date marked on their brand new iPhone: Bid Day. It is the beginning of a long path to find popularity, contentment, and a reason to go back home and work for daddy’s oil... Read more
The Mugdown’s Guide for Success During Sorority Recruitment
With Greek Life being the most important tradition at A&M, formal sorority recruitment can cause many Potential New Members to panic. Luckily, The Mugdown is here to provide tips so that you may end up with the sorority you want. After spending hours analyzing recruitment videos we have created... Read more
Formal Captions are ~semi~ Passive Aggressive
It is the middle of spring semester and date parties, mixers, and formals are in full swing. There seems to be an underwhelming response as students struggle to perfectly caption their cute ‘n fun photos. Apparently, those in attendance had a subpar time with their relatively good dates.  ... Read more
The Bachelor Spinoff Comes to Texas A&M

Each spring, students at Texas A&M have the opportunity to experience a week long competition similar to the hit show, The Bachelor. Called Paddy Murphy, the spinoff pits sororities against one another for a chance at love and good publicity.

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$ongFe$t: Dance for a Dollah
This weekend, many parents, students, and sorority girls who do not want to get fined, will take their seats in Rudder Auditorium to cheer on their loved ones as they participate in this year’s installment of Dance for Money, Chi Omega’s most popular philanthropy event. The event itself —... Read more
Sorority Adopts New Ritual for Ring Pass
Perhaps the oldest and most unique tradition the members of any sorority will experience is “Ring Pass”. This ceremony is traditionally held when a sister in the chapter gets engaged, and it serves as a time to share in the excitement and joy that comes with finding one’s soulmate.... Read more
Organization Sees Spike in Participation When Calling App Process “Rush”
REBECCAS, an up and coming women’s organization with the unique goal of incorporating sisterhood, service, and philanthropy into a myriad of socials and theme parties, has made some recent changes to increase applicants, and therefore diversity (of costume ideas for mixers). Though the organization accepts all applicants who are... Read more
Sororities to Implement New Screening Process for Pledges
With over 900 potential new members this past Fall, sororities are feeling the pressure of a growing incoming Freshman classes. While more members means more resources for philanthropy, sororities are starting to worry about their organizational identities with the minimum acceptance rate. “We really do love so many of... Read more