Glowstick Vigil Held to Raise Awareness For The Plight Of The Wealthy and Well-Connected
Last night, several thousand Aggies gathered at Simpson Drill Field, neon glowsticks held aloft, to support Robert McIntosh’s impending litigation and to raise awareness for what has begun to be seen as the systematic oppression of the wealthy and influential at Texas A&M. The gathering was hastily organized after... Read more
Rick Perry Now Reveals Russia Tampered in TAMU Student Body Elections
Rick Perry, Head Yell leader ’72 and 11th Runner-Up in season 23 of Dancing With the Stars, recently implied that Texas A&M Student Body Elections may have been part of a larger Russian tampering conspiracy. For weeks, the public anxiously awaited as Rick Perry stayed silent on the student... Read more
Student Newspaper Mastermind Behind Controversies
After recognizing its ability to capture attention from media giants such as The Texas Tribune, CNN, and the Houston Chronicle, The Battalion realized that it must follow the examples of those outlets to become their contemporary. Articles must be published that harness opinion as fact and convince the reader... Read more
Election Commissioner Braces for Consequences of Doing Job Well
A well-run election conducted with integrity and class is a hard thing to come by at Texas A&M. Last week, Election Commissioner Rachel Keathley ran such an election (with the exception of the disqualification of The Mugdown—SAD). In the wake of such a fair election, the student body has... Read more
In Defense of Robert McIntosh
It was a typical election night in Aggieland, until we saw the alert that Robert McIntosh had been disqualified from the Student Body President race for multiple counts of voter intimidation. At The Mugdown, where truth is of little value, we saw that Robert had been compromised by unsavory videos... Read more
Men Reclaim Top Student Leaders at Texas A&M
After months of being reminded of their oppression, Aggie men have decided to do something this campaign season. While the top student leaders are selected over the course of the semester, 2017-2018 student body president, senior class president, and Corps Commander have now all been selected. Likewise, the Yell... Read more
Mugdown Lowdown: How to Become Student Body President
A version of this article was first published in the August 2016 print edition of The Mugdown. So you want to be Student Body President, huh? Most students are asking themselves questions like “Can I wash my maroons with my whites?” or “How many days can I safely go without... Read more
Student’s Vote Not Counted After He Forgets to Post a Picture to Social Media
Last Thursday, Toby Brewer, a Junior Economics student at Texas A&M, got out of bed early to fulfill his civic duty and cast his vote. After waiting in line and completing his ballot, he placed his “I voted” sticker on his backpack and went on his way. This morning,... Read more
Desperate for Voters, Polling Place Disguises Itself As a Panda Express
In a strange turn of events, a student who thought he was standing in line at the MSC Underground Panda Express found himself voting instead of ordering fried rice. Michael Schenkel, sophomore Economics major, had been watching cat videos on his phone and had not noticed that what appeared... Read more
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Introduced to Protect Closeted Aggie Liberals
After Monday’s presidential debate, political awareness at Texas A&M is at an all-time high. While many informed voters can easily regurgitate Breitbart articles about Hillary Clinton’s health or provide backwash of their parents’ political views, others struggle to come to terms with their political education. Texas A&M has pioneered... Read more