BREAKING: Mandatory Corps Enrollment for Class of 2020
In the biggest announcement since the “Lead By Example” halftime card trick, President Young has announced that all incoming freshmen will serve one mandatory year in the Corps of Cadets. Response across campus has been a mixture of excitement, extreme relief, and frightening rage. Brigadier General Joe Ramirez, Commandant... Read more
7 Essential Tips for Boot Chasers
Does the sound of taps and spurs give you butterflies? Does the boots and khaki combo just throw you in a tizzy? Do you have your heart set on a cadet but just don’t know how to interact with him? Don’t worry, not many people do. Read this guide... Read more
From Holick’s to Hunter
When it rains in College Station, it pours. With the midseason decline of Aggie Football, the tears of A&M fans align with the seasonal monsoons in B/CS. The inadequate draining on campus causes puddles and small rivers to form, creating swamps in certain areas. This poses a unique problem... Read more
Corps of Cadets Unveils New PR Shirts
The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets announces it will begin selling PR shirts to make cadets more relatable.  Corps Staff Public Relations unveiled the design late Monday night and believes it will be a great and unique recruiting tool.   Read more
Rest in Peace? Reveille Gets a Wake-Up Call
After a disturbing series of events, it was discovered Tuesday afternoon that the new resting place of our beloved former Reveilles has been desecrated by none other than Reveille IX. Freshman Business major Chad Stevens was the first to discover the scene. “I was on my way to the... Read more
In Defense of Satire at A&M: Or a Perspective on Propaganda
In Defense of Satire at A&M: Or a Perspective on Propaganda   “The Mugdown exists to challenge the thinking of the Texas A&M community by delivering relevant satirical news.” —The Mugdown Mission Statement We are both immensely proud and humbled by what we have created. We believe we have... Read more
To Revote the Yell Leader Revote, 5 For Yell Announces Plans for a New University
5 For Yell has announced plans to build an alternate university where they will be the yell leaders. After raising concerns about the old voting system, 5 For Yell decided to hold its own election. The unfavorable results of their independent election, where 5 For Yell once again did... Read more
Corps Scout Cookies Coming this Spring
Texas A&M students will be receiving a tasty surprise this Spring as the Corps of Cadets has recently unveiled its newest fundraiser: Corps Scout Cookies™. Inspired by the Girl Scouts of America, who began their cookie cartel in 1917, the Corps of Cadets hope that their product will not... Read more
Corps Bans Shaking Hands to Cut Back on Hazing
As the new semester begins, students across campus are, as usual, looking to the quad with wide eyes and bated breath. All of these preternaturally open eyes were on Dr. Anne Reber, current interim Director of Student Life and Director of Disability Services at Texas A&M as she reviewed... Read more