In Defense of Satire at A&M: Or a Perspective on Propaganda
In Defense of Satire at A&M: Or a Perspective on Propaganda   “The Mugdown exists to challenge the thinking of the Texas A&M community by delivering relevant satirical news.” —The Mugdown Mission Statement We are both immensely proud and humbled by what we have created. We believe we have... Read more
To Revote the Yell Leader Revote, 5 For Yell Announces Plans for a New University
5 For Yell has announced plans to build an alternate university where they will be the yell leaders. After raising concerns about the old voting system, 5 For Yell decided to hold its own election. The unfavorable results of their independent election, where 5 For Yell once again did... Read more
Corps Scout Cookies Coming this Spring
Texas A&M students will be receiving a tasty surprise this Spring as the Corps of Cadets has recently unveiled its newest fundraiser: Corps Scout Cookies™. Inspired by the Girl Scouts of America, who began their cookie cartel in 1917, the Corps of Cadets hope that their product will not... Read more
Corps Bans Shaking Hands to Cut Back on Hazing
As the new semester begins, students across campus are, as usual, looking to the quad with wide eyes and bated breath. All of these preternaturally open eyes were on Dr. Anne Reber, current interim Director of Student Life and Director of Disability Services at Texas A&M as she reviewed... Read more
The 10 Cutest Corps Guys on Campus
1. This adorable couple of corgis beneath the Century Tree. 2. These corps guys are the best of friends. 3. They’re just so excited to get their picture taken with Sully! 4. Workout today was ruff! Washing up at the end of a long day. 5. This corgi being... Read more
Senator Caught with Corps Escort
Senator Matt Gee is rising in popularity…but not in the election polls. Senator Gee, in his first term as a Senator in the Off Campus caucus, was caught this past week in public with a Corps escort. The Corps of Cadets operates an escort service providing members of the... Read more
Corps Member Thanked for His Service
A new semester has begun at Texas A&M University, and with a new year comes an influx of visitors to the campus. Marla Campbell, the mother of a visiting high school senior, was overwhelmingly inspired by the University’s numerous men in uniform. Chad Jordan—fish—was approached by Campbell near the Quad... Read more