Cadets Ask for Safe Space to be Protected
The Starbucks on the Quad, often called “Quadbucks” by the students who frequently study there, was constructed as a way for non-regs and cadets to come together in a friendly environment. The large facility was supposed to improve relationships between the Corps of Cadets and the student body at... Read more
Inside the Puppet Government of the Corps of Cadets
We bring you an inside look at the quiet takeover of the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. An Exclusive Investigation by The Mugdown. “Gentlemen, I’m sure you understand why I had to call this meeting.” Six men gathered around a conference table on a Sunday evening in August.... Read more
Mysterious Group Responsible for Fish Spur Theft
Fish Spurs, a long-held and audible tradition, has once again returned to campus. Students from Blocker to Wehner are alerted to the presence of freshman cadets by the ringing of their wire spurs. However, recent spur thefts have students asking, is it a massive crime wave or an act of... Read more
What You Missed: Corps Policy Updates

In case you happen to be a non-reg not required to spend Sundays in Rudder or a cadet that simply fell asleep, fret not— The Mugdown has provided a briefer-than-the-brief summary of the 2016- 2017 Policy Updates.

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Cadet Accidentally Contributes to Group Project
On Tuesday, April 26th, three group members on an ENGR 112 project were shocked to discover that freshman Corps of Cadets member Michael Stevenson, a hopeful mechanical engineering major from San Antonio, had completed their entire project over the weekend. ENGR 112, an elaborate hazing ritual that the University... Read more
The Corps Chart: Which Outfit Should I Be In?
Thinking about joining the Corps? Wondering if your outfit is a perfect match? Just preparing to fit in at Corps of Cadets: The Musical? Follow the Corps Chart! Read more
Opinion: I Support Hazing
Opinion: I Support Hazing It’s an Unpopular Opinion, but Actually Challenging Subordinates is Harder As a member of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets, I have been denied the chance to reciprocate certain things that were done to me during my time as a fish, due to some new... Read more
Blood-Drenched Alyssa Michalke Ascends from Steam Tunnels, Claims Bad Bull to be Dead
While the Corps carried out its regularly scheduled activities Monday morning, Corps Commander Alyssa Michalke had other plans. With morning formation complete and all cadets off the quad exercising, Michalke donned her boots, strapped on her saber, and told  her roommate that she was going to “carry out the... Read more
Second Consecutive Female Corps Commander Sparks Fear
Tuesday, it was announced that Cecille Sorio will be the 2016-2017 Fightin’ Texas Aggie Corps Commander. As you might be able to tell by her name and/or picture she is, indeed, a female. If you are unaware, Alyssa Michalke is currently serving as the Corps Commander and, was the... Read more
Aggie Bootchasers: A&M’s Newest Women’s Organization
The Aggie Bootchasers, founded by women looking to create a sisterhood between those who claim to support the Corps of Cadets the most, recently made their debut on campus. Founder and president of Bootchasers, Jessica Harwood, started the organization after realizing how hard it was to date a member of... Read more