Animal Right Activists Target Corps for Gross Mistreatment of Fish
Animal rights activist group PETA reportedly has a new target at Texas A&M: The Corps of Cadets. Many believe that the group is seeking to draw attention to abuses of the most defenseless animals on campus, freshman cadets. “PETA is ignoring obvious facts about the Corps,” said Cadet Commander... Read more
Corps of Cadets to Install New Complaint Box at the Bottom of Lake Bryan
In a press conference last Friday, leaders of the Corps of Cadets announced that, in an effort to open up communication between cadets and their leadership, an official complaint box will be installed at the bottom of Lake Bryan. “Communication is the key to success in any large organization,”... Read more
Most Inclusive Corps Holds Most Exclusive Event
The 2017-2018 Corps of Cadets is not only the largest the Corps has been since 1975, but also the most inclusive the Corps has ever been. The current Corps focuses its energy on separating itself from the past. The changes in the Corps shift beyond ideological boundaries and have... Read more
Corps of Cadets Institutes Casual Fridays
The Commandant’s Office released a bold statement Wednesday regarding uniform policy for the Corps of Cadets. After many years of deliberation, Brigadier General Joe E. Ramirez, Commandant of the Corps of Cadets, has instituted “Casual Fridays,” a policy that allows cadets to wear clothing of their choice to Friday... Read more
Get to Know Your 5 for Yell Candidates
Campaign season at Texas A&M is now in full swing, and the Corps of Cadets has released its annual contingent of endorsed Yell Leader candidates, known as “5 for Yell.” Until voting concludes on February 23rd, Facebook will be full of campaign pictures and videos of the candidates, advertising... Read more
Corps Freshmen Glad They Aren’t Sorority Littles
As members of an organization widely considered to be the worst organization for new members, freshmen, or “fish,” in the Corps of Cadets expressed sympathy for the new “littles” in sororities. Though freshmen cadets often seem like the most poorly-treated new members of any group on campus, many are... Read more
Commandant Cancels Corps Brass Offensive Due to Mass Casualties
“Across the Quad, lads, for Commandant and university,” said fish Junger, before blowing the whistle on his lanyard. Twelve freshmen ran across the Quad, under fire from the possibility of having to salute bulls and greet upperclassmen. The first four fell where they stood, brought down by shin splints.... Read more
Bootchasing Makes Way for Boot Investors
Boot investing, the act of buying stock in a freshman cadet early on so that one may reap the benefits of senior boots in the future, has spread in popularity as a new practice for catching male cadets. For years, Bootchasers have roamed the Quad, desperately searching for a... Read more
Corps to Reinstitute Dueling Policy
Blood-stained concrete and the sounds of metal clashing have become new and permanent features of the renovated Quad. During outfit activity last week, Company E-2 introduced dueling, using sabers found on the Quad in order to rekindle their connection with the Spirit of Old Army. Their effort to regain... Read more
50 Shades of Khaki
It was a quiet night on Zebra Company’s deck. The sergeant of the day’s desk was empty and the sound of cadets gently snoring could be heard from the hallway. Despite the peaceful exterior, there were dark forces at work. One sophomore, Richard Hardonne, lay in his rack fighting... Read more