Clickbait Week! Can We Lure You In?
You’ve studied long enough, reward yourself. The Top 10 Top 10 Top 10 List 7 Essential Tips for Boot Chasers 5 Sexiest Layne’s Chicken Finger Boxes Finals Week as Told by Miss Rev and Shia LaBeouf  The Humble Brag Chart: Does Your Org Matter? Top 10 Reasons Clickbait is... Read more
The Top 10 Top 10 Top 10 Lists
We all have busy lives to keep up with and we want our entertainment quick. Just give us the facts and get out. This desire for quick entertainment has given rise to the popularity of the top 10 list. Brief and numbered for easy consumption, top 10 lists are... Read more
5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Help You Study for Finals
Lack of sleep actually improves focus! Scientists report that replacing sleep with studying has shown higher test scores! It’s called “Brain Focus Redirection.” Basically, whatever energy would have been put into sleep is redirected and put purely into helping you cram and memorize that fleeting information!   Starbucks Doubleshot... Read more
Topless Photos of Reveille Leaked
The Mugdown has received an email from an anonymous source last night with racy pictures of A&M’s first lady without her trademark shawl. Please be advised that these pictures are extremely NSFW. A candid shot of Miss Rev on campus without her top. . Sometimes even mascots have to... Read more
The 9 Hardest Classes at A&M
1. MATH 409 – Advanced Calculus This class is basically just proofs, right? You know what there is no proof for? Bigfoot. Now THAT would be a hard class. 2. MGMT 211 – Business Law Tort Law kind of sounds like turtle. That’s fun, right? Turtles swim! Oh God,... Read more
Love Me Tinder: Lonely “Lola” Lighter Takes Tinder
“Damn girl, you’re hot.” This past week, I took my loneliness to a new low and created a Tinder profile under the name “Lola Lighter”. Apparently, “Lonely” isn’t a “real name”. Let’s just say sparks flew, and 152 matches later, I picked my favorite flames to share with you... Read more
What We Found Hidden in the UT Fight Song will Shock and Disturb You
-Honey Bear Follow @BigOldHoneyBear Read more
The 10 Cutest Corps Guys on Campus
1. This adorable couple of corgis beneath the Century Tree. 2. These corps guys are the best of friends. 3. They’re just so excited to get their picture taken with Sully! 4. Workout today was ruff! Washing up at the end of a long day. 5. This corgi being... Read more
What was Really Found in the Steam Tunnels will Blow You Away!
What was really found in the steam tunnels will blow you away! The steam tunnels of Texas A&M University . . . everybody’s favorite rumor. Whole websites are devoted to the possible explanation of why they exist. TexAgs can’t stop talking about what they might contain. This website, by... Read more
18 Buildings on Campus That We Literally Can’t Even
Heldenfels Hall Too many stairs. I literally can’t even.   Rudder Tower So tall! I didn’t know we could have buildings over four stories! I literally can’t even!   Memorial Student Center Never. Any. Seats. Nah, it’s cool. I don’t mind eating my Panda on the floor like an... Read more