Howdy Prompts Existential Crisis
Sophomore Jacob Evans was just a “regular, carefree student” until yesterday, according to his roommates. Early Tuesday afternoon, Evans instinctively responded “Howdy” to a friend as they passed in the hallway of Blocker after class. Suddenly realizing the implications of his actions, Evans began to question the very nature... Read more
Sophomore by Hours, Douchebag by Nature
With Gig ‘Em Week™ coming to a close, eager freshmen are getting out and introducing themselves to fellow classmates all over campus. Students report that Chet Walker, a freshman Pre-Law/Pre-Med double major from The Woodlands, has been making it a point to meet as many of his classmates as... Read more
Graduating Seniors Face Quarter Life Crises
Graduation is looming, and those preparing their caps and gowns are realizing how rapidly their college career is coming to a close. Some students are thrilled to be leaving, others are feeling a deep sense of nostalgia. But still others are in a confusing mixture of both feelings. “I... Read more
The Lorag

The Lorag

Campus Life April 29, 2015 2

At the far end of Station, Where the Memorial grass had grown And the wind smells of Aggies we had once known And no nuts for squirrels to hoard or to chew, Is the street of the Spirited Lorag.   And deep in that spot, there is still left... Read more
Find Your Aggie Spouse Now Before It’s Too Late
The spring semester is rapidly approaching a close, fellow students.  If you have already missed the “ring before spring” deadline, it is time you got with the program.  If you are a graduating senior, this is especially imperative. How can you be even thinking about graduation if you have... Read more
Rec Reminds Us that Improvements are Coming
As swimsuit and jort season rapidly approaches, the seasonal influx of students using the Student Recreation Center is at an all time low during this construction season. The noise, crowdedness, and fear of bat attacks prevent all but the most dedicated regulars from visiting the Rec. The Rec has... Read more
Fish Camp Counselors begin Shift towards “Exclusive Uniqueness”
“Be yourself – as long as you dye your hair and get piercings to fit in” For many Aggies around College Station, it is the most exciting part of the spring semester: new Fish Camp camps. Though times are becoming increasingly tough for applicants, the lucky few thousand who... Read more
Student Complains after Completing The Big Obligation
With the completion of The Big Obligation 2015, students returned to class sunburnt and anxious for their well-earned afternoon nap. While The Big Obligation may have made the weekend feel shorter, most students are coming away from Saturday with satisfaction, certain that they made a difference in the Bryan/College... Read more
PSA: 5 Approaches to Avoiding the Abundance of Flyers
It’s right in your own campus. While it may be hard to believe, roughly fifty thousand Aggies don’t even know how to avoid the crippling burden of a handful of flyers. In buildings just like your Wehner or your roommate’s Blocker, there are many who need help. Join Aggies... Read more
Snapchat Blindness Outbreak: How You Can Help
Outstretched arms, unnatural facial expressions, and complete lack of social awareness. All the symptoms are here for Snapchat Blindness (SCB). This recently discovered disease is taking universities by storm and Texas A&M is no exception. As a result of the instant photo sharing application, students everywhere have been running... Read more