Utopia Realized Once All Students Disarmed
Despite a decision passed in the Texas legislature, concealed carry has been banished from Texas A&M University completely, ushering in a golden age of safety and prosperity. Once it was wisely pointed out that guns only have the potential to hurt people and are not tools with any redeeming... Read more
Super Senior Assisted Living Opening on West Campus
Student Counseling Services recently announced plans for an on-campus assisted living center for super seniors. Maggie Gartner, Executive Director of Student Counseling Services, has said that they hope to reach out to this particular group of students who have apparently completely lost their grip on reality. “We find so... Read more
No Study November

No Study November

Campus Life November 4, 2015 0

With “No Shave November” joyfully upon us, some less ambitious students have finally coined a term for a tradition derived from this mentality. “No Study November” has officially taken off as of November 1, 2015. The practice of #NSN can be witnessed all over campus, but most notably in... Read more
Freshman Angered by Lack of Wildcatting in Math Class
As one of the many freshmen indoctrinated at Fish Camp, Agricultural Leadership major, Andrew Saenz, came to Texas A&M University with an unmatched enthusiasm for school traditions. Saenz, a first generation Aggie and self-proclaimed redass, recently had to face the difficult reality of underwhelming student spirit in his Math... Read more
Letter to the Editor: Where are the Gay People At?
Dear Editor, Hey, Mugdown. I was just wondering… where are all the gay people at? I mean, not that I’m gay or anything. I’m not interested in guys or anything, but I would like to know how to connect with one. I keep going to Halo, but I can’t... Read more
A&M to Add Seventh Core Value: Involvement
Texas A&M prides itself on students exemplifying the University’s traditional six core values — Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service. Wednesday morning, the Board of Regents made an important addition to this list— Involvement. “Many of our students give top priority to participation in some of our... Read more
Students Auction Admission Offer for Profit
The application for admission into Texas A&M is currently open to the prospective class of 2020, and the admissions office has begun sending out its first batch of acceptance letters, expanding the Aggie Family to a size greater than ever before. The collective groans have been heard far and wide... Read more
Organization Sees Spike in Participation When Calling App Process “Rush”
REBECCAS, an up and coming women’s organization with the unique goal of incorporating sisterhood, service, and philanthropy into a myriad of socials and theme parties, has made some recent changes to increase applicants, and therefore diversity (of costume ideas for mixers). Though the organization accepts all applicants who are... Read more
Freshman, Counselor Eager to Stop Hearing from Each Other
Over a month after the last Fish Camp session returned from Lakeview, counselors and freshmen are all wondering when they can finally go their separate ways. Megan Fischer, a freshman Finance major, is just hoping that her counselors will let her do college on her own. “My ‘parents‘ kept... Read more